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The Cove Center for Recovery is an private, comfortable and fully-licensed adult drug addiction & alcohol addiction rehab treatment facility. We provide comprehensive drug rehabilitation & alcohol rehabilitation programs to those who are struggling with the chaos and consequences associated with alcohol and/or drug addiction in a safe, caring environment. We also provide treatment for those clients who face dual-diagnosis challenges as traumatic events leading to psychosis often leads to drug addiction. Our fully licensed therapists not only help you therapeutically with your drug addiction but also search for underlying concerns to treat.

Cove drug addiction rehab treatment helps people to leave their destructive life style & immerse themselves in a new and different healing environment. Cove Center is nationally recognized and well respected for its unique & successful approach to real life drug addiction rehabilitation and alcohol addiction rehabilitation & recovery. People come here from all over the United States to receive the best drug rehab treatment.

We accept most insurances and offer special pricing for cash payments. No other nationally renowned drug rehab treatment center offers pricing like us. Call us now to learn how you can be on the road to recovery starting tomorrow! If you’re interested in rehab for teens, please contact our sister facility Inspirations for Youth and Families.

“The clinical team and therapy offered here is incredible. I couldn’t ask for a better team to help me with my addiction.”
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“The Cove genuinely cares for each client and prepares us for life outside of treatment. Going to the Cove saved my life.”
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Addiction in the USA

Substance abuse and addiction affects everyone in one way or another. At the Cove Center, we help individuals from around the country get free from alcohol and drug addiction. Learn more about drug and alcohol abuse and treatment in your area.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Our customized treatment programs are based on the individual needs of each person. Learn more about some of the commonly abused substances including alcohol abuse, drug abuse and get more info on behavioral problems.


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