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A message from the Cove’s Alcohol Drug Rehab CEO

Welcome to Cove Center for Recovery drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment center. If you are thinking of entering our alcohol drug rehab or sending a loved one to our program, I would like [...]

Why drug addicts and alcoholics do not receive treatment?

Remarkably, there’s an estimated 23 million people 12 and older who needed treatment for substance abuse and only 2 million actually received treatment at a specialized facility. Many of these drug addicts have the [...]

The road map to drug addiction recovery is all in the routine

While you were in a drug rehab and away from home, your time was structured in a way that promoted consistency and a routine. That structure is not always present now that you’ve left [...]

How to get an addict into drug or alcohol rehab

The most important step for the family and friends of an addict is to realize that they should not wait for the problem to “go away on its own.” They shouldn’t just hope the [...]

Zumba Fitness in addiction recovery

Zumba Fitness at the Cove
During addiction recovery it is very important to not only heal the psychological damages of addiction but to also work on the physical damages. At the Cove Center for Recovery [...]

Opana prescription drug abuse – Powerful painkiller that kills

Opana ia a powerful opioid prescription painkiller that is becoming more and more popular in rural America. Prescription drug abuse, with medications like Opana, now lead to more deaths in the United States than [...]

Many in addiction recovery run to maintain sobriety

For those in addiction recovery for drugs and/or alcohol, it is important to have a replacement for the addiction after you complete a residential program. So much time and energy is put into the [...]

What you need to know about dangerous street drug Flakka

What is Flakka?
Flakka is a new “designer” drug, hitting the streets with a vengeance. Flakka, also known as “gravel,” began it’s fury in approximately 2013. This year, 2015, the drug is gaining equally [...]

411 on Al-Anon’s Alcohol Abuse Meetings for Family Members

At the Cove Center for Recovery, we realize many of our clients are already familiar about Al-Anon, but for others that are new to the world of alcohol abuse treatment this blog may serve [...]

More insane behavior from Flakka drug abuse


A man, high on flakka, had sex with a tree and then proceeded to attack a police officer last week, in Melbourne, Florida. Flakka drug abuse has been sweeping the state of Florida. In [...]