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Cove subject of Miami Herald front page Investigative Report

The Cove Center for Recovery was featured on page 1 of the Miami Herald in a story entitled: “The Deadly toll on synthetic drugs.” It was part three of an Investigative Report, written by [...]

Rehab at 40 – Week three of Arron’s Journey: Nearing the end

Willingly undergoing treatment for an addiction at a mature age is not seen very often. Most addicts have succumbed to the their deepest mental issues and believe that seeking help is hopeless especially due [...]

Why Flakka Addict Chose the Cove?

Watch what one Cove client had to say about our drug rehab

During a Miami Herald interview at the Cove Center for Recovery drug rehab – Chris – a flakka addict under treatment was asked [...]

Rehab at 40 – Week two of Arron’s journey: Dealing with others

Receiving addiction treatment at a mature age may seem like a long shot to most, but not to The Cove Center for Recovery. While many treatment centers treat all clients the same with one [...]

Rehab at 40! – Meet Arron N.

The recovery process after 40
Addiction is a dangerous and destructive habit that often leaves many lives and families in disarray. The journey to recovery is a long and arduous process filled with many ups [...]

New Sobriety, New Friends

Being serious about your recovery? Unfortunately, that means limiting contact with the people you previously drank or used with, which probably eliminates a good chunk of your social circle!

Most people drink or use with [...]

The real cost of Flakka

For the final installment of our interview with a former flakka user, Dean shares a heartfelt story about the real cost using flakka and his plans after completing recovery. He also explains how much [...]

Former flakka user warns drug will spread across USA

Our interview continues with former flakka user Dean about his first hand encounter with the drug and its effects. He has also been seen on the Channel 7 News speaking out about flakka. Dean shares [...]

A Message from the Cove Center for Recovery CEO

At the Cove Center for Recovery adult drug and alcohol rehab, our only interest is the client’s best interest. We are completely vested in our clients because our people in recovery deserve it and [...]

Former Flakka addict talks about his past experiences

Former Flakka user speaks out
We took the chance to sit and talk with Dean a client of The Cove Recovery Center after his interview with Channel 7 News about his experience as a [...]