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Pregnant Women and Drug Use

“I really wanted to quit. Trust me, no one wanted to quit using more than I did. I just couldn’t do it. I would say I was going to quit, but then I’d wake [...]

Substance Addiction Treatment for LGBT Individuals

Although there are many organizations and groups that help those suffering from addiction, not all of these groups are always so accepting of others. Depending on location, an addict may have access to a [...]

Foreel: Women’s Stories Screening Sponsor

Education Director Denise Achee with Maria, one of the women featured in the film, Foreel: Women’s Stories.

Palm Beach International Film Festival Screening Sponsor

The Cove Center for Recovery is very excited to be a screening sponsor for the 19th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival. Many talented filmmakers submitted their work for consideration in the film festival. [...]

Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients


To complete a drug test, a subject must submit a hair, urine, or blood sample to a clinic which will then test it for drugs and/or alcohol. Most people have to take a drug [...]

College Drug and Alcohol Use

For many students, college is the first time they’re away from their families for an extended period of time. Many of these students will be exposed to alcohol and drugs during their first year [...]

Cove CPR Demonstration

The Cove Center for Recovery received a CPR demonstration from One Beat CPR + AED.

The Hunger Illusion Counseling Method

Addicts suffer from extreme cravings for their drug of choice. Some addicts must get their drug or risk going through withdrawal symptoms. Families and friends of addicts may host an intervention for an addict [...]

Lack of Oxytocin in Early Childhood May Cause Addiction

A new Australian study found that people who had poor development of oxytocin were more likely to have addiction-related issues, include drug and alcohol abuse.

Oxytocin is the “love hormone” that cements the bond between [...]

Arthritis Medication May Help Former Meth Addicts

An anti-inflammatory agent known as ketoprofen has been shown to reduce neuronal damage in rats that have been exposed to chronic stress and methamphetamine. If these findings are also true for humans, then doctors [...]