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The Anger and Drug/Alcohol Addiction Connection

By Anne Foy
Anger is a problem many addiction professionals are familiar with in treating people in recovery.  A good rehab center like the Cove Center for Recovery has dedicated professionals working solely on [...]

Does second hand marijuana smoke affect a drug test?


By Jill Erickson, contributing reporter

Passive smoking or second hand smoke means that the person who is not smoking will still have trace amounts of the active drug ingredients and metabolites in their system. This [...]

Have you heard of Ayahuasca?

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One of best or worst kept secrets in South America – depending on who you ask – emanates from a carefully orchestrated concoction of several strains of plants that when synthesized [...]

Teens and Young Adults Caffeine-use Soaring


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When you think about the many types of addictions, one may consider alcoholism, cocaine, or heroin to be the typical cast of characters. But flying under the radar is another type [...]

Drug myth or fact

The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) is one of the largest supporters of the world’s research on drug abuse and addiction. Routinely they put out reports on drug facts and myths. Here are [...]

Prison and Drug Use – The Facts


Prison and Drugs are often mentioned in the same sentence due to the close association within the two. Not only are people sent to prison due to drug involvement or another, evidence shows that [...]

Dylan P’s Story

“The Cove taught me how to deal with my problems in a mature way.”

Anthony G’s Story

“The Cove taught me how to become a better human being for myself and society.”

Staying sober is fun

“The Cover taught me to improve myself and learn how much fun being sober could be. I don’t see why I ever used drugs to feel good now.”


“My family life is way better than it was. It is flourishing.”