bad addiction habits
Negative addiction habits can literally be the difference between a sustaining recovery and a painful relapse. These habits have been deeply embedded into our brains and need constant work until they have been rewired into newer healthier habits.

Continuing to live with the same reoccurring destructive habits will only bring about the same results such as drug abuse. In order to live a life of true sobriety those who suffer from substance abuse disorder need to rid themselves of bad habits right away.

Here is how you can end your bad addiction habits:

pay attention
1.Pay attention
Be on the look out for your bad addiction habits. Take note of what they are, when they happen and what seems to be the cause or trigger. Knowing this key information will help to minimize them from happening. There will be instances where they are unavoidable. However, the first step to changing a habit is to know when you are doing it. This step may take a while as you are observing your actions and learning why these habits have formed.

2.Stop Reacting
Once you have identified your bad addiction habits and why you do them stop reacting to them. Once you have a clear understanding of what triggers these habits you can then formulate a plan to stop reacting to your triggers. For tips on how to control your triggers check out our blog on how to tame addiction triggers.

think3.Think and Respond

Now that you can identify and stop reacting to your triggers your next plan should be a positive counter habit. For example, if stress is a trigger for your drug abuse when you feel under pressure your positive habit could be to meditate or practice breathing.

Going Forward

Continue to use these three steps until you have formed brand new positive and healthy habits. These new habits will replace your bad addiction habits leaving you to focus your energy on staying sober. Forming a healthy and new habit does not happen overnight. Give yourself adequate time to make these steps your go-to option.