sober apps for addiction recovery

Technology has become such a crucial part of everyday life. We use our phones for almost everything and recovery can now be included as one of them. Keeping track of your sobriety and meeting those in addiction recovery is now manageable thanks to sober apps.

Here are a few sober apps you can use:

SoberGrid sober appsSober Grid

Sobriety gets social in the Sober Grid (SG) app. Launched in July with almost 25,000 downloads Sober Grid helps you to find, chat and meet up with others in recovery! Think of it as the Sober version of your favorite social media app.

Through the GPS capabilities on your phone SG allows you to see the nearest person in recovery who also uses the app. The apps also feature a news feed to share quotes, pictures, and updates. The Sober Grid app comes with an alumni treatment program that when enabled allows you to signal when you are feeling at risk. Profiles with these distinct features can receive help from others in recovery.

Available for Apple and Andriod platforms.

SquirrelRecovery sober appsSquirrel Recovery

Squirrel Recovery allows you to set up a circle of recovery network from people in recovery from substance abuse. With this app when you are feeling triggered it allows you to quickly contact those within your circle quickly. It also tracks your sobriety and rewards you with coins. Squirrel Recovery helps you to meet others in recovery and provides a support group.

Available for Andriod platforms.

QuitThatApp sober appsQuit That

Need help keeping track of the habits you quit? Whether its addiction, coffee or junk food Quit That helps you track how many days and hours since you stopped. It can also calculate how much money you have saved by not buying drugs or alcohol. The number of bad habits you can track is limitless and it comes with a user-friendly interface.

Available for Apple platforms.



Recovery Box uses a light grading system to help you be more accountable for your addiction. Green Lights are offered when you successfully complete an activity and a positive message such as “Good Job!”. A yellow light is for “Warning Events” and a red light is assigned for “Acting Out Behavior”. What you enter on a daily basis is also emailed to someone who can hold you accountable such as a spouse or sponsor.

Available for Apple platforms.


Sober Tool was developed by a Harvard licensed chemical dependency drug counselor aimed to help recovering addicts. It offers encouragement through a reward system and range of prompts. These prompts help to keep you motivated and focused. Users can also search for emotions or situations that can derail sobriety and how to avoid or deal with them.

Available for Apple and Andriod platforms.

The Cove urges you to keep in mind these are only tools to enhance your recovery. Having these apps does not ensure you will be sober it is all about the work you put into it.