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New Sobriety, New Friends

Being serious about your recovery? Unfortunately, that means limiting contact with the people you previously drank or used with, which probably eliminates a good chunk of your social circle! Most people drink or use with [...]

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Why drug addicts and alcoholics do not receive treatment?

Remarkably, there's an estimated 23 million people 12 and older who needed treatment for substance abuse and only 2 million actually received treatment at a specialized facility. Many of these drug addicts have the means [...]

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  • The road map to drug addiction recovery is all in the routine thumbnail

The road map to drug addiction recovery is all in the routine

While you were in a drug rehab and away from home, your time was structured in a way that promoted consistency and a routine. That structure is not always present now that you've left treatment [...]

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  • You’re finally sober now what? thumbnail

You’re finally sober now what?

The irony of an addictive disease is that those closest to the person with the addiction suffer tremendously in desperate hope that their loved one can become sober. It's horrifying to watch someone you care [...]

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  • Two faces of BPD

How to tame Bi-Polar Disorder?

Courtesy of M.acitvebeat.com If you live with someone who is afflicted with Bi-Polar Disorder (BPD) and exhausted from walking on egg-shells because it only takes one wrong move to "upset the apple cart," [...]

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Surprising way dealing with loved ones drug alcohol addiction

Courtesy of PinterestDrug and alcohol addiction is more than just a bad habit that stems from poor decisions. Truly, its a disease which affects a person's physical health and mental state-of-mind. It's extremely difficult to [...]

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Ultra Music Fest coming – Learn about molly drug abuse

With the Ultra Music Festival less than two weeks away in Miami, why is this date important to know for an adult drug rehab blog to report on? Well actually it is very topical since [...]

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  • Bottle of Pain Medication

Recovering Addicts & Prescription Pills – A Slippery Slope

  People in recovery from addiction are often scared to take prescription pills for fear that it will "reactivate" their urges and lead to relapse. Some will go so far as to refuse opiate pain [...]

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11 signs you many suffer from an Anxiety Disorder

    According to the Anxiety Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older (18% of [...]

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Marijuana now compared to the 70’s – a Marijuana Rehab Report

An Adult Marijuana Rehab Report comparing the potency of marijuana now to the 70's Back in the 70's, you had to smoke a lot to get high. Today, pot smokers may find themselves one toke [...]

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