Person holding the drug bath salts.

The word on the streets is out! The drug known as “Bath Salts” that promises a euphoric experience but instead often provides fatal consequences for its users is still prevalent on the drug scene.

What are Bath Salts?

If your first instincts are to run to your bathroom and throw away your jasmine scented bath salts down the toilet you can relax we aren’t referring to those salts. The drug bath salts is also known by other street names such as “Ivory Wave or Cloud Nine” is a compound of more than one synthetic chemicals such as cathinone, an amphetamine like stimulant found naturally in the khat plant. This drug has no clear make up and differs depending on the street chemist composing its ingredients. Most bath salts contain methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), a psychotic recreational drug, or other very strong derivatives that stimulate euphoria.

How are they distributed?

Bath salts typically take the form of a white or brown crystalline powder in small plastic bags or foil packages. These are labeled as “Not for human consumption” and marketed as ”Plant food or Jewelry Cleaner”.

What are the dangers of Bath Salts?

Bath salts are popularly associated with the face eating man Rudy Eugene in May of 2012. Under the influence of the drug, Rudy ate almost 75% of a homeless man’s face outside the Miami Herald Parking Garage in Miami, Florida. This story however was not the first reported to be linked to bath salts use within the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) community and will continue to grow as people are misinformed of what the actual effects of this drugs can be.

The synthetic drug in bath salts produce euphoria, increases sociability and the sex drive but is not guaranteed for all users. Some users experience hallucinations, agitation and deliria. Other physical repercussions include chest pain, increased pulse, high-blood pressure, dehydration, kidney failure and the breaking down of skeletal muscle tissue. Although bath salts are not addictive in nature they are still dangerous due to their differing chemical make-up, these unknown ingredients when combined may lead to an array of