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How breathing exercises can aid your drug and alcohol recovery

There are many holistic methods that can help to aid in drug and alcohol recovery. Breathing exercises are becoming more and more popular among those in recovery as an easy coping skill. Many are using these [...]

  • Addiction is a family disease thumbnail

Addiction is a family disease

Contrary to popular belief addiction does not just affect the person suffering from substance abuse disorder. It is a family disease. When one member of a family struggles with substance abuse the whole family suffers [...]

  • 8 Questions to ask when choosing a drug rehab thumbnail

8 Questions to ask when choosing a drug rehab

Choosing to get help is a big part of the recovery process and picking a great rehab is the first step in the direction of sobriety. Here are some questions to keep in mind when [...]

New Sobriety, New Friends

Being serious about your recovery? Unfortunately, that means limiting contact with the people you previously drank or used with, which probably eliminates a good chunk of your social circle! Most people drink or use with [...]

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Surprising way dealing with loved ones drug alcohol addiction

Courtesy of PinterestDrug and alcohol addiction is more than just a bad habit that stems from poor decisions. Truly, its a disease which affects a person's physical health and mental state-of-mind. It's extremely difficult to [...]

  • Bottle of Pain Medication

Recovering Addicts & Prescription Pills – A Slippery Slope

  People in recovery from addiction are often scared to take prescription pills for fear that it will "reactivate" their urges and lead to relapse. Some will go so far as to refuse opiate pain [...]

  • Turning down marijuana

7 Tips to avoid Alcohol Drug Addiction Relapse

If you or someone you love has attended a drug rehab program for alcohol or drug addiction and successfully completed it, it is a huge accomplishment. While in treatment tools were provided to assist in [...]

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