Opana prescription drug abuse – Powerful painkiller that kills

Opana ia a powerful opioid prescription painkiller that is becoming more and more popular in rural America. Prescription drug abuse, with medications like Opana, now lead to more deaths in the United States than heroin [...]

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Have you heard of Ayahuasca?

Image courtesy of Photopin.com One of best or worst kept secrets in South America - depending on who you ask - emanates from a carefully orchestrated concoction of several strains of plants that when synthesized [...]

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DXM Drug Abuse

DXM and OTC Medicine Abuse If you’re raising a teenager and you don’t know much about DXM or cough medicine abuse, you’re hardly alone. DXM, or dextromethorphan, is a common ingredient in cough and cold [...]

There’s Something About Molly…

"When I tried molly for the first time, I was at a wild and crazy pool party. Music was playing and there were a bunch of famous DJs there. I was having a great time [...]

Anabolic Steroids

"I've been using steroids for a couple of years now. I started because I really wanted to get bigger and compete as a body builder. There are a lot of risks involved when it comes [...]

The “Business Man’s Trip”: DMT

Ayahuasca tea Dimethyltryptamine is a hallucinogenic drug which has limited use in the USA. However, this drug has been synthesized and can present a danger in the future if it becomes more popular. [...]

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