What I liked best about the Cove?

“The clinical team. The individual and group therapy that is offered here is incredible and very helpful. I couldn’t ask for a better team and structure to help with my addiction.”

My favorite activities in treatment was?

“Going for the airboat ride through the Everglades, seeing Gator wrestling, going to the gym and beach as well as other weekend outings and making dinner with the other clients was also very enjoyable.”

I learned the following coping skills which will help me at home?

“To make the best of any situation no matter what I may encounter. I now have an arsenal of relapse preventive and coping skills to help me stay clean.”

I learned how to control and reduce my anger by:

“Thinking before I act and coming up with a solution to move through the anger instead of dwelling on it.”

The best time I had at the Cove was:

“The great times I had with clients on a daily basis and the caseload groups with the therapists.”

My relationship with parents now is?


I have learned to improve my life by?

“Staying positive in the moment, accepting the things I can not change, having the courage to let go of the addiction and live a clean and happy life.”