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Our interview continues with former flakka user Dean about his first hand encounter with the drug and its effects. He has also been seen on the Channel 7 News speaking out about flakka. Dean shares his personal struggle with flakka addiction in the hopes to educate others on just how dangerous and addictive this drug really is.

Since its re-emergence on the drug scene under the new name, Flakka has created an abundance of unusual case leaving both police and medical staff baffled. Not much has been made publically known on the drugs but Dean has agreed to share what he has seen and experienced to cast some light on the mystery that is Flakka.

Dean’s experience with the street drug flakka

Scott: “What was your physical reaction when you stopped?”

Dean: “My clean date was May 18th but it was also the court hearing to decide whether or not I was going to come here or not. I smoked everyday up until that hearing. In terms of withdrawal symptoms, I was awake for three weeks prior to coming here so I was extremely tired and I slept for literally 48 hours. It was an uninterrupted 48 hours. In terms of mental withdrawals I still go through them.”

Scott: “So you still miss the feeling?”

Dean: “I wouldn’t say I miss the feeling but I do know that I want to be clean and I know that sober life is so much better and it’s not worth all the negativity that’s associated with it (Flakka). My mind is still dominated by the reservations of “Let’s go out and get high one last time, before we get real.” To just know the fact that there’s no readily available or easily accessed drug test for it blows my mind and I know It’s just my addiction talking to me but, I can’t get it out my head.”

Scott: “So if someone drug tested you right now they wouldn’t find any traces of it?”

Dean: “I could smoke a joint here with you and get tested right after and they couldn’t find any trace of it.”

Scott: “Do a majority of people smoke or shoot up?”

Dean: “The people that I knew most of us were smoking, I knew a couple of people that were going into the trippy thing with it. Most of the people I knew smoked.”

Scott: “Through your own experience have you seen it grow in your area?”

Dean: “I’m from Pompano, Florida the birthplace of this drug.”

Scott: “Really?”

Dean: “So in terms of growth it has been expanding out of our city which is why it’s making waves now. It has been around for a long time, a lot longer than people realize.”

Scott: “How long has it been around?”

Dean: “It was first introduced in the early 80’s but didn’t really make any waves until just recently. Now it’s a new generation of kids chasing that next high.”

Scott: “What kinds of people are attracted to it?”

Dean: “Stimulant users, people who like “uppers” generally speaking.”

Scott: “Do you notice any specific age group? We haven’t seen any teens yet do you think it’s a matter of time?”

Dean: “No, (there are no specific ages) but it’s definitely a matter of time and specifically speaking from my neighborhood. We’ve seen high school and middle school kids smoking it. I’ve seen a sixty- five year old dude smoking it. I mean everyone who gets a taste of it will come back for more. It’s that powerful and it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Scott: “How was it scary?”

Dean: “I didn’t have control over my life or thoughts and that terrified me. Knowing that the one thing you were supposed to have complete control of is yourself and I lost it to a drug.”

Scott: “How did you know you didn’t have control?”

Dean: “I didn’t know.”

Scott: “So now you’re discovering that through treatment at The Cove?”

Dean: “Yeah, being separated from it and giving my mind and brain chemistry a chance to come back to normal and reflecting on the last two years of my life I’m coming to realize that I was saying things I shouldn’t have said, doing things I would never logically do and my whole life for the past two years was just a waste of time. I did nothing that I would normally do under sober circumstances.”

Scott: “What kinds of things were you doing? Were you working?”

Dean: “I was living from couch to couch from my ex to friends. I had a job but it was it was situational or like seasonal. So yeah I was working and had money most of the time but I wasn’t paying any real bills, every time I got paid it went straight to drugs.”

Flakka Treatment

Through flakka drug abuse treatment at The Cove Center for Recovery Dean was able to successfully overcome his dangerous and destructive addiction. The Cove is known for treating drug, alcohol and mental issues due to its dual diagnosis treatment that addresses addiction and other mental issues patients may be experiencing. This treatment allows clients to regain a live of sobriety and provides skills for coping, relaxation and proper communication.

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