A new drug is taking over the opiate scene and has stirred quite an uproar. 

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Kratom in its pill form.

Kratom has become a spark of hot debates on whether it is actually helpful or can be potentially harmful. Kratom. The drug has been garnering a lot of attention both positively and negatively.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is from a tropical tree found in Southeast Asia. The leaves contain some of the same chemicals that have been in opioids. For many where the trees are common it has even been used as a stimulant. More is known on its short-term effects, but research is still needed to learn about its long term effects on the body and brain.

While Kratom is not yet illegal in the United States signs point to it soon being reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Schedule I drug. For the time being it is still relatively easy to order via the internet.

What do we know about Kratom

  • Kratom leaves are being used for pain relief or mood improvement
  • It is often consumed orally as tea, chewed or eaten with food. It can also be smoked
  • Some noted side effects are nausea, itching, sweating, increased sensitivity to sun burn, and loss of appetite
  • Some users’ psychotic symptoms include bizarre behavior, strange beliefs or hearing voices
  • For now we also know some long term health effects include difficulty sleeping, frequent urinating, dry mouth, anorexia and darkening of skin

What don’t we know about Kratom

At the moment it is still unclear whether Kratom has any addictive capabilities but users can be dependent on it. Some have even experienced side effects after they have stopped using the drug. Other users have reported  going to great length to obtain the drug despite its negative consequences.

It is also impossible to know if the ingredients that are safely mixed into Kratom that is sold commercially. With this in mind, the FDA has warned users to not use products labeled as containing the drug.


The use of Kratom in the U.S is a fairly new concept especially medicinally. Everyone please exercise caution when they come across products or drugs containing Kratom as not enough is known of its effects both short and long term.