The recovery process after 40

Addiction is a dangerous and destructive habit that often leaves many lives and families in disarray. The journey to recovery is a long and arduous process filled with many ups and downs. Recovery is a daunting task as it is and receiving treatment at a mature age is rarely seen. Some addicts who are older in age do not seek treatment because of the age disparity within their treatment group.  While having varying ages at a rehab can provide many different perspectives there are often clients who report that they just do not connect the same with their younger group members.

In an ongoing investigative report, we will ask Aaron this very question and see how he reacts to this dynamic. Will it be a positive or negative. Watch what happens.

 Arron’s Story

For our new video series we will be taking a closer look into the recovery process. Every week we will discuss what goal was set and if they were achieved and what the week has been like. One of our clients Arron has volunteered to have us shadow his recovery experience on a weekly basis. What makes Arron’s experience so special is his age.

Arron was an addict of opiate drugs such as dilaudid for many years and was able to finally break from his addiction.While living sober Arron was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Against all odds he was able to beat his cancer and also continue living sober. Despite the pain he asked to only be prescribed small doses of pain relief medicine. Due to his cancer treatment Arron also developed an Abscess.

Abscess is a collection of pus that has built up within the tissue of the body. While undergoing surgery for his abscess, Arron recalls waking up and being on a morphine drip. With such strong opiates being prescribed Arron began his road to relapse.We sat down with Arron to hear his amazing story and have him describe his first week in drug addiction rehab.

Addiction treatment

Treating addiction is not like not treating a common cold, it is a complex system that has many dimensions and factor to it. While most treatment centers practice a one size fits all recovery plan with such an elaborate disease – The Cove Center for Recovery strives to use varied forms of treatment to help clients achieve their goal of living and maintaining a sober life.

Addiction treatment at The Cove helps individuals to stop using drugs, maintain a drug-free lifestyle and achieve productive functioning in family life, work and society. Our dedicated staff not only treats drug addiction, we also treat alcohol abuse and other mental behavioral disorders.