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Report links alcohol abuse to cancer

A recent report surprisingly links alcohol abuse to Cancer. Health experts have found that alcohol plays a role in the contributing to breast, liver, colon and other types of cancer. The scientific journal, Addiction, has recently published information [...]

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New Years’ Resolutions and Drug Addiction Recovery don’t mix

Drug Addiction Recovery should be treated as a separate entity aside from New Years Resolutions A message from the Cove Center for Recovery Clinical Director As the passing of another year, many people habitually choose [...]

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Alcohol Addiction Recovery Book Review gets thumbs up

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Book Recommended Reading In an effort to provide variety on this Cove Center for Recovery blog, we decided to share with you an alternative point of view regarding alcohol addiction recovery. By informing you [...]

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What Are Depressants?

Depressants, also known as "downers", are any drug that reduces the functioning of the central nervous system or any other part of the body. Types of Depressants Depressants are a type of drug that can [...]

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