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4 more Drug Myths Busted

It's time for another installment of Drug Myths Busted where we challenge commonly held myths about drugs from people in recovery and provide you with alternative points-of-view that we believe to be the truth. 1. There are [...]

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What are scheduled drugs?

In 1970 drugs and substance were organized into groups based on their risk of abuse or harm by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and they have been overseeing this categorization ever since their inception. [...]

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  • Karen Corcoran-Walsh

A national television interview with a flakka addict in recovery

Cove Center for Recovery featured on the Ask Dr. Nandi national television show The Cove Center for Recovery, drug and alcohol rehab made its cameo appearance on the national television stage. Karen Corcoran-Walsh, owner and founder [...]

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  • Trap House

So what exactly is a Drug Dealing Trap House?

It is hard to tell what a Drug Dealing Trap House looks like By Guest Blogger Lisa The Urban Dictionary defines a Drug Dealing Trap House as: Trap House: A house in the ghetto and/or [...]

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