flakka interview
For the final installment of our interview with a former flakka user, Dean shares a heartfelt story about the real cost using flakka and his plans after completing recovery. He also explains how much the users really spend on their addiction and just how long a flakka high can last.

Scott: I heard it wasn’t that expensive like five dollars?

Dean: It’s depending on who you ask. Out there you can get a bag for the cheapest like three dollars for a small bag.

Scott: How long would that last you?

Dean: Me in the beginning it would last me an hour or two. Towards the end of my time it would be like a cigarette.

Scott: So it’s sounds pretty expensive even though it cost less.

Dean: Of course, anything that takes over your mind in terms of a mental obsession can become a really bad habit really quickly.

Scott: Do you have any aspirations of doing anything educational wise or were you doing something prior to this?

Dean: I cook for a living, at least that is what I do for now and it was what I was doing in the past. I spent most of my time in restaurant kitchens but I want to go back to school. I’m thinking of either going to culinary school or heating and air conditioning.

Scott: You’re in the right place Johnson and Wales right?

Dean: Yeah Johnson and Wales is here, The Art Institute is here but I have to get out of Florida.

Scott: Oh okay I understand.

Dean: Just because I’m still not over my own mental obsession and most people who’ve done this drug will tell you it’s just one of those things that never really goes away. With the massive reservations that that I have about it there’s only two ways away from this drug go on a plane or in a bag. And I say that because that’s what I’ve seen.

Scott: A body bag?

Dean: Yes a body bag.

Scott: So you’ve seen people die?

Dean: They never overdose and die. But people get so into the psychosis and hallucinations that come from it that people are killing themselves left and right on this drug.

Scott: Really? That’s their intentions when they’re high?

Dean: They just do things irrationally.

Scott: It’s really them doing irrational things that lead to their demise.

Dean: I had a friend who was in my apartment around 11:30. We were hanging out and smoking doing our thing. We ran out of stuff so I was like “I’m going to take a nap catch you later.” About an hour later someone came by pounding on my door telling me he hung himself.

Scott: I see that’s still painful for you because he was a close friend.

Dean: Yeah, he was fine an hour earlier.

Scott: That’s part of the trauma your going through right now I see that. How long have you been here?

Dean: Forty nine days.

Scott: How do you feel now?

Dean: I’m completely 180 degrees from when I first got here.

Scott: What do you attribute that too?

Dean: The positive energy that flows through this place, a willingness to keep my mouth shut and ear open. And that’s something I’ve learned here. Even if you’re court ordered to be here if you keep your mouth shut and ears open you’re bound to hear something that hits close to home and you might just learn something.

Scott: That’s a great attitude.

Flakka Treatment

As we see a rise in more and more Flakka cases it is important to have a program in place to properly address those who are addicted with the right level of care. Through flakka drug abuse treatment at The Cove Center for Recovery Dean is an example of our successful methods of overcoming this destructive addiction. The Cove is known for treating drug, alcohol and mental issues due to its dual diagnosis treatment. This addresses addiction and other mental issues patients may be experiencing. Our treatment allows clients to regain a life of sobriety and provides the skills to maintain it.

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