Nearly 20% of the population are also dealing with anxiety.

Depression and anxiety are the leading mental heath disorders across the nation. In fact, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADA), over 6%of the U.S. population suffers from depression each year. Nearly 20% of the population are also dealing with anxiety (National Institute of Mental Health). These disorders have a major effect on a person’s life especially someone suffering from addiction.

Through dual diagnosis, both the addiction and mental health disorder can be treated. However, they still can wreak havoc on someone’s life even if treated. If you are looking for holistic coping skills the Cove Center for Recovery is here to help.

Holistic coping skills for anxiety and depression:


chamomile tea holistic coping skills

Chamomile Tea.

Tea is known for its amazing healing and recuperating properties. Among the many tea flavors, one stands out as being extremely great for relieving the nerves. The components within Chamomile flowers contain antioxidants that help boost immune function, reduces pain, and swelling. Drinking chamomile tea is a great holistic coping skill to help reduce stress and anxiety.

2.Having a routine

Depression can lead a person to feel empty and unmotivated. To counter this a daily routine should be established. Make sure to do this routine even when you are not suffering from depression. Doing so allows you not to fall into the empty feeling of laying around and doing nothing as you have a set routine to keep you occupied.

fitness holistic coping skills


Fitness is a proven holistic coping skill used time and time again in addiction treatment. Exercising is a healthy and natural way to boost endorphins within the brain. These feel good chemicals are what makes us feel happy. Getting regular exercise is also one of the best ways to combat depression and anxiety.

The Cove Center for Recovery encourages holistic coping skills like these to help maintain recovery. Similar to the alternative therapies offered at the Cove these are healthier and more productive methods of coping with a mental disorder.

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