The Cove Center for Recovery now offers Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery which is a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR) Treatment therapy. Furthermore, the VR Therapy program prepares Cove’ clients to transition to their next phase of recovery. And this VR Therapy treatment is often referred to as Exposure Therapy.

Cove Center for Recovery owner demonstrates exposure therapy

Cove Center for Recovery owner Karen Corcoran Walsh tests the Dr. Phil Path to Recovery VR Headset

So we know VR technology is popular in the gaming industry. In addition, evidence reveals that VR exposure therapy surpasses other traditional addiction treatment modalities. And this technology is also effective for treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), alcohol and drug addiction.

Cove’ Client Big Fan of Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery

“I like the VR program,” said Spencer Mott, a Cove client. “And I think it’s better than sitting in group all day.”

Cove Center for Recovery Exposure Therapy

Spencer Moss is a big fan of the Dr. Phil Path to Recovery

Spencer adds: “It is something different and new so I really like it. I have learned a lot about triggers from my lessons and what to be aware when I complete the Cove’s Intensive Out-Patient program.”

How does Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery work?

Dr. Phil addresses a variety of situations and measure progress for program participants by serving up 29 three dimensional video based exercises. Additionally, clients use the VR headset to gain insight and experience. The subjects concentrate on potential issues they will face in their aftercare recovery.

With VR technology you feel like you are actually sitting in the front row of Dr. Phil’s television show studio. Path to Recovery takes you to other locations like Dr. Phil’s backyard, private office and even a bar. Throughout the whole process, the client’s work with their primary therapist to discuss what they’ve learned and experienced.

Let’s see How VR Therapy Works

In addition, it is important to note that Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery is not a stand-alone recovery program. It is an enhancement to in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

Virtual Reality enters the Recovery Profession
Virtual Therapy for Recovery

Because Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy is rapidly showing growth and popularity in combination with other forms of therapy – it can really help those having a difficult time within treatment. Additionally, each exercise delivers a realistic and comfortable experience.

Dr. Phil explains Path to Recovery’s role in Treatment

Dr. Phil Path to Recovery VR Tool used by cove center

“First of all, the most dangerous phase of treatment is clearly the transition from residential treatment to aftercare,” said Dr. Phil. “Now to bridge that gap, I created a virtual reality tool to help people in recovery transition smoothly.”