Find out if these Drug Interventions that started out bad, stayed bad

Doctor James Hughes is a famous teen and adult interventionist. And works for Inspirations teen rehab and the Cove adult drug and alcohol rehab. He has been on literally hundreds of drug interventions. From big cities like New York to an Indian Reservation in Arizona.

Doctor Hughes is never alone on his interventions. His wife always accompanies him and they balance each other out very well. Doctor Hughes is more of the enforcer type and his wife provides the teen or adult much needed comfort.

But sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to. For example, in this video we report on two interventions that went bad.

Let’s watch the YouTube Video to see what happens

One intervention involved a young adult. After learning about his intervention he went on a rampage. The 20-year-old destructed his families home. Subsequently eight police officers were dispatched to his home. As a result of his actions he was arrested. After his hospital stay, his situation stabilized. Finally, he was able to receive dual diagnosis drug addiction treatment at the Cove.

In the other intervention a teen arrived at Inspirations for Youth and Families teen drug and alcohol rehab after a successful intervention in New Orleans, Louisiana. But after four days at Inspirations, he ran away and robbed a drug store where he stole packages of Robitussin cough medicine tablets.

The teen then proceeded to take a large quantity of the tablets. In drug jargon, this is called Triple C. He was then Baker Acted and sent to a hospital.

What is the Baker Act

The Baker Act is a Florida law that enables families and loved ones to provide emergency mental health services and temporary detention for people who are impaired because of their mental illness, and who are unable to determine their needs for treatment.

Fortunately, for this young man he not only survived his drug overdose, but returned to Inspirations and successfully completed the treatment program. We wish him well as he is back home in New Orleans.

Despite some set-backs, we were able to in both cases turn lemons into lemonade and save both a teen and adult’s life after difficult interventions.


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