Arizona Drug Rehabs


The Cove Center for Recovery is a fully-licensed addiction treatment center for adults who are ready to take the next step on their path to recovery.  Short-term and long-term rehabilitation programs are available for clients who need help for a drug, alcohol, or behavioral addiction.

The Cove offers multiple different types of therapy to fit the unique needs of each client. Therapies include one-on-one counseling, group therapy, art and music therapy, and family counseling. The Cove also provides dual diagnosis therapy for clients who are suffering from both an addiction and a co-exisiting mental health disorder.

Interventions in Arizona / Arizona Interventions

An intervention is an attempt by family and friends to get someone to seek treatment for a drug, alcohol, or behavioral addiction. Typically, most addicts will not seek treatment on their own. They need their loved ones to step up and insist that they get treatment, before it’s too late.

The Cove Center for Recovery provides intervention services for clients who are unable or unwilling to recognize their need for help. Interventionists help families plan and execute the entire intervention from start to finish. They can help family members guide their loved one into realizing the signs and symptoms of addiction and the need for change.

Drug Detox in Arizona / Drug Detoxification in Arizona

Detox is the process of ridding the body of the poisons found in certain drugs and alcohol. Detox should always be supervised by a medical professional because withdrawal symptoms from prescription drugs, heroin, and alcohol can be very severe.

The entire detox process typically lasts 7 to 10 days. During that time period, the patient will be monitored 24/7 by a team of doctors and nurses. Doctors will be able to prescribe non-addictive medications to alleviate unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Following detox, patients will go to the Cove’s residential addiction treatment facility for further rehabilitation.

Drug Rehab Arizona / Drug Rehabilitation

The Cove Center for Recovery offers a wide variety of treatment programs to fit the specific needs of each client. Short-term and long-term drug rehabilitation programs are available. Those programs typically last 30 to 90 days and 90 days to one year, respectively.

The Cove also offers intensive outpatient drug rehab programs, outpatient rehab,  and residential addiction treatment programs. Most programs are based on the 12-steps combined with individual, family, and group counseling.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment / Marijuana Rehab

Marijuana is the most abused illicit substance in the USA. The drug can also be highly addictive for some people. There are no current medications to treat a marijuana addiction. However, the Cove Center for Recovery’s marijuana addiction treatment relies on individual counseling and group support systems to help an individual whose marijuana addiction has become unmanageable.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Arizona / Alcohol Rehab

The alcohol addiction treatment program at the Cove is specifically designed to help the client learn the reasons why he or she started abusing alcohol. Sometimes unresolved trauma or a mental illness can drive a person to start drinking and eventually disease of addiction takes over.

The Cove uses an evidence-based approach to alcohol addiction treatment. This approach analyzes the powerful relationship between the client’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. Therapists work with the clients to teach them new ways of dealing with stress without turning to alcohol abuse. Therapists also help clients to recognize their triggers for alcohol abuse and how to avoid those triggers in the future.

Residential Addiction Treatment Program / Residential Rehab

The Cove Center for Recovery offers short-term and long-term residential rehab to meet the specific needs of each client. During residential addiction treatment, clients will live together in apartments located near the treatment center. Clients are responsible for their own cooking, cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping. The Cove takes a “real life” approach to recovery because it teaches new life skills and personal responsibility. Read more about Residential Addiction Treatment Programs.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program / Outpatient Rehab

The outpatient addiction treatment program at the Cove includes a variety of approaches for clients who seek therapeutic interventions in a private therapy setting. Learn more about Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs.

Drug Rehab Treatment Center Dual Diagnosis Program

Dual diagnosis therapy is for clients who are suffering from an addiction along with a co-existing mental health issue. Did you know that drug and alcohol addicts are twice as likely to also suffer from a mood or anxiety disorder? Learn more about Dual Diagnosis Therapy.

Arizona Court Ordered Addiction Treatment Program / Court Ordered Rehab

There are many different reasons why an individual seeks treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. Sometimes a DUI or another substance-related offense is the driving factor that forces an individual to get treatment. The court systems will usually allow the offender to complete court ordered addiction treatment as an alternative to going to jail.

Read more on Court Ordered Rehab.

Gambling Addiction Treatment Program / Gambling Rehab

The overwhelming majority of people who gamble don’t have any problems with it. However, pathological or compulsive gambling is a mental health disorder. Gambling can put an individual under extreme financial stress. Read more on the Cove’s Gambling Addiction Treatment Program.

Eating Disorders Treatment Program / Eating Disorders Rehab

An eating disorder is characterized by an unhealthy preoccupation with food whether that preoccupation includes restricting diet, bingeing, and/or purging after meals. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Learn more about Eating Disorders Treatment at the Cove Center for Recovery.

Cutting, Self-Harm Addiction Treatment / Cutting Rehab

Cutting and other forms of self-harm are very dangerous and can be highly addictive. Individuals who feel compelled to hurt themselves will meet with their therapist at the Cove to learn the reasons why they want to self-injure. Learn more about Cutting Addiction Treatment Rehab.

Relapse Prevention Therapy / After Care Therapies

The Cove Center for Recovery is dedicated to helping you get sober and stay in recovery. Therapists and addiction experts work with each client to create a realistic after care program for the client to follow when he or she leaves treatment. However, it’s up to the client to abide by the after care contract. Learn more about Relapse Prevention Therapy.