Montana Drug Rehabs


The Cove Center for Recovery is a fully-licensed, private adult addiction treatment center. The Cove works with those who are ready to get sober and stay in recovery. Short-term and long-term rehabilitation programs are available depending on the needs of each client.

The Cove takes a real life approach to recovery by teaching clients how to be responsible for themselves. They will also learn valuable life skills during their stay, including personal finance and conflict resolution. Leave your old, drug using life behind and immerse yourself in the recovery environment at the Cove.

Interventions in Montana / Montana Interventions

An intervention is a planned attempt by family and friends to get their loved one to seek treatment for a drug, alcohol, or behavioral addiction. They are necessary for the addict who is unwilling or unable to recognize their need for help. The Cove Center for Recovery has intervention services available, staffed by experienced professionals.

The Cove’s intervention team can help families begin the process of planning the intervention. They will assist families in confronting and guiding their loved one to realize that he or she needs treatment. Following the intervention, the client will leave with the Cove’s team to go to the rehab facility. Post-intervention family counseling is also available.

Drug Detox in Montana / Drug Detoxification

Detox is the process of ridding the body of accumulated toxins that are found in drugs and alcohol. Detox lasts about 7 to 10 days and it should always be completed under the supervision of medical experts.

Detoxification is often the first step in a drug addiction treatment program. During the process, all patients will be monitored around the clock by a team of doctors and nurses. The doctors may prescribe non-habit forming medications to ease any severe withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Rehab Montana / Drug Rehabilitation

The Cove Center for Recovery offers many different types of treatment programs to fit the specific needs of each client. Short-term drug rehab lasts anywhere from 30 to 90 days while long-term rehab lasts 90 days to one year.

The Cove also provides intensive outpatient drug rehab programs, an outpatient treatment plan, and residential addiction treatment programs. Most programs are based on the 12-steps and include different therapies like individual therapy, family counseling, and group therapy.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Montana / Alcohol Rehab

The alcohol addiction treatment program at the Cove Center for Recovery typically lasts 30 to 90 days, but long-term treatment is also available. The program allows the therapist and the client to focus on the reasons why the client started abusing alcohol in the first place. If the client can work through those issues, then he or she has a much better chance in their recovery.

Clients work with their therapist to create a realistic alcohol addiction treatment plan. All plans use evidence-based therapy to explore the important relationship between the client’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. Individual therapy, group counseling, and family therapy sessions are also provided at the Cove.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment / Marijuana Rehab

Marijuana is the most popular illicit substance of use in the USA. Unfortunately, the drug can also be highly addictive for some people. The marijuana addiction treatment program at the Cove focuses on counseling and group support systems to help the client realize his or her triggers for drug use. Therapists work with each client to teach them new ways of coping with stress without turning to marijuana use.

Montana Court Ordered Addiction Treatment Program / Court Ordered Rehab

There are a variety of reasons why an addict might seek help for his or her addiction. Sometimes a DUI or another drug-related offense might be the main reason an addict seeks treatment. Often times, the courts will allow an offender to seek drug or alcohol treatment as an alternative to going to jail.

The Cove Center for Recovery has experience dealing with attorneys and the court system. We can help you complete your court ordered addiction treatment in a timely manner and avoid jail or further prosecution. Learn more about Court Ordered Rehab.

Residential Addiction Treatment Program / Residential Rehab

The Cove Center for Recovery offers short-term and long-term residential addiction treatment programs to meet the unique needs of each client. During their stay, clients will live together in apartments located near the treatment center. They will be responsible for their own cooking, cleaning, chores, and shopping. We believe this “real life” approach to recovery teaches responsibility and important life skills.

Daily life challenges encountered during activities and residential life are processed in our therapeutic setting, allowing each client the opportunity to apply skills and experience growth in their recovery. Read more on Residential Addiction Treatment Programs.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program / Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient addiction treatment involves the client meeting with his or her therapist in a private, therapeutic setting to continue working on any obstacles to recovery. During outpatient addiction treatment, the client will meet with his or her therapist 3 to 5 times per week. To learn more, visit our page on Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs.

Dual Diagnosis Therapy / Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

Did you know that people who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol are roughly twice as likely to suffer from a mood or anxiety disorder? Often times substance abuse starts as a way for the individual to self-medicate for his or her mental health issue.

Dual diagnosis therapy at the Cove is for those who are suffering from both addiction and a mental health problem. The treatment calls for a comprehensive approach that identifies and evaluates both issues to better serve the client in his or her recovery. Read more on our Dual Diagnosis Program.

Gambling Addiction Treatment Program / Gambling Rehab

The overwhelming majority of people who gamble don’t have an issue with it. However, pathological gambling, often called compulsive gambling, is a mental health disorder. Gambling can put an individual under extreme financial stress. Get help for you or your loved one’s gambling addiction today. Learn more about the Cove’s Gambling Addiction Treatment Program.

Eating Disorders Treatment Program / Eating Disorders Rehab

An eating disorder is a psychological issue characterized by an unhealthy relationship with food. These behaviors can manifest in a variety of different ways. Some will restrict their diet while others may binge and then purge. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Read more about Eating Disorders Treatment at the Cove Center for Recovery.

Cutting, Self-Harm Addiction Treatment / Cutting Rehab

Cutting or self-harm is when an individual harms him or herself to self-medicate for emotional pain or distress. Cutting can become an addiction if repeated over time. Individuals who cut or hurt themselves will need to work with their therapist to sort through their emotional pain and learn new ways of coping with stress.

The pattern can be difficult to break, but it is possible with professional help. Learn more about Cutting and Self Harm Treatment.

Relapse Prevention Therapy / After Care Therapies

At the Cove, our entire team is dedicated to helping you get sober and stay on the path to long-term recovery. Therapists will work with each client to create an after care plan for when the client leaves treatment. However, it is up to the individual to abide by the after care plan. Learn more about Relapse Prevention Therapy.