New Mexico Drug Rehabs

The state of New Mexico is a state that suffers from out-of-control alcohol and drug-related death rates. It also has bad luck on its side as its border is a magnet for drug smuggling. There is a definite shortage of addiction treatment facilities in New Mexico and the Cove Center for Recovery Addiction Treatment Facility can help alleviate this void. While many drugs pass through the state headed for locations all across America, some of it stays in New Mexico and is causing an epidemic.

If you or a loved one suffers from drug or alcohol addiction then help is only a phone call away. Call the Cove Center for Recovery’s hot-line, utilize the Live Chat, or just leave an email and one of our representatives will be back in touch with you immediately.

Some of the most common drugs used in New Mexico include:

  • Marijuana Addiction: Marijuana is the most widespread illegal drug used in New Mexico, and it comes from a variety of sources. It is either illegally smuggled into the state or locally grown according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Drug dealers exploit New Mexico’s vast National Forest land to grow marijuana. Learn more about our marijuana rehab.
  • Heroin addiction: New Mexico holds the illustrious distinction for owning one of the highest drug related death rates in the nation, many of which are caused by heroin. This occurs most frequently in the north portion of the state. According to the New Mexico Department of Health, 57% of drug overdoses reside in Northeast New Mexico and 56% of overdoses in Northwest New Mexico are from heroin. Learn more about our heroin addiction rehab.
  • Prescription drugs: Each year, prescription pills are becoming a growing problem in New Mexico, and are factoring into the state’s dramatically high drug overdose rate. According to the DEA, OxyContin, Lortab and hydrocodone are three of the most prevalent prescription drugs being abused in New Mexicio. The majority of these pain pills are in the form of the opiate class of drugs which is the same class as heroin. The root cause of this issue can be tied to when pill addicts are unable to have their doctor write them prescriptions, they turn to the street to quench their urge and satisfy their addiction and some turn to heroin as a substitute. Learn more about our prescription drugs rehab.

Alcohol rivals drugs as an addiction nemesis for New Mexico citizens

In 2000, New Mexico was ranked number one in the country with the most alcohol-related deaths, according to the New Mexico Department of Health. Alcohol can rear its ugly head in many ways in terms of deaths, including liver damage, drunk-driving accidents or other  alcohol-related accidents. In 2006, the New Mexico Department of Health reported the annual economic cost of alcohol abuse in New Mexico to be $2.5 billion. Learn more about our alcohol addiction rehab.

Other alcohol statistics provided by the Department of Health include:

  • Almost 1,000 deaths in New Mexico were related to alcohol in 2006, representing more than 27,000 years of potential life loss.
  • New Mexico’s alcohol-related death rate was 1.7 times higher than the national average in 2006.
  • Almost one-third of New Mexico students reported having had a drink of alcohol before age 13, the highest early initiation of alcohol use in the nation.

The Cove Center of Recovery New Mexico Rehab provides the following services:

New Mexico Drug Detox

It is a widely known medical fact that people in recovery can’t safely detox without professional help from a Detox Addiction Treatment center. The Cove Center for Recovery can provide New Mexico residents with a drug rehab dedicated to Detoxification. To learn more about our Drug Detox.

New Mexico Drug Rehab

Programs include: Short-term and long-term drug rehabilitation, intensive outpatient drug rehab programs, outpatient and residential addiction treatment programs along with 12-step programs and individual, family and group therapy. To learn more about our drug addiction rehab.

Marijuana Rehab

There are a multitude of marijuana addiction treatment programs available for New Mexico residents. Marijuana Addiction Treatment types are decided by the individual’s level of use as well as other mental health and medical issues. To learn more about our marijuana adiction rehab

Alcohol Addiction Treatment/Alcohol Rehab

The Cove Center for Recovery Alcohol Addiction programs are specifically geared to assist patients assess their alcohol abuse dependency and to refrain from alcohol use. New Mexico alcohol rehab programs provided to those in recovery are evidence-based and might include medications that suppress the key drivers of alcohol dependence.

Meth Rehab

Meth is an addictive stimulant that can be taken orally, injected, snorted or smoked. Independent of how the drug is taken, meth is extremely damaging to the user, causing excessive tooth decay (known as “meth mouth”), toxic psychosis or stroke, and erratic, violent behavior. To learn more about Meth.


An Intervention is a process of utilizing and uniting loved ones, related to or friends of an individual struggling with Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or prescription drug addiction. An Intervention is necessary when an individual struggling with addiction is in denial of the problem. To learn more about our Interventions program.

Substance abuse impacts Native Americans greatly

The Cove Center for Recovery’s drug rehab can help New Mexico Native Americans plagued by drug abuse greatly. We understand that New Mexico’s Native American population, like many Native populations has been deeply affected by drug and alcohol abuse. New Mexico was one of15 states in which the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy is running anti-methamphetamine advertisements specifically geared toward native tribes. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, Meth addiction among American Indian/Alaska Native populations in the U.S. is the highest of any ethnicity and almost two times higher than other groups.

New Mexico’s Native Americans also have higher alcohol-related death rates than the population as a whole, according to the New Mexico Department of Health. For example, McKinley and Cibola counties have extremely high alcohol-related death rates driven by those counties’ sizable American Indian populations.

Top Ten Cities New Mexico Rehab Serves:

1.      Albuquerque
2.      Las Cruces
3.      Santa Fe
4.      Rio Rancho
5.      Roswell
6.      Farmington
7.      Alamogordo
8.      Clovis
9.      Hobbs
10.    Carlsbad