Meditation Detox Photo

At the Cove’s Individual and Families Detox Program, individuals and families are the focal point of our detox program. Our program extends far past the physical detox protocol, but also reflects on the root cause of the addiction. This allows the individual and a patient with a family to acquire the coping skills to work towards long-term recovery solutions and prevention of the addiction reoccurring.

At the Cove, we wholeheartedly understand that both individuals and patients with families depend on communication to the outside world. This is why we embrace modern day, individualized contact to the outside world. At our facility, we provide the necessary provisions so that our clients never disengage from their life outside of detox entirely.

Cove’s Individual and Families Detox Program Features:

  • A pathway to a GED by providing online course work
  • A mind and body approach
  • Point of origin therapy to determine stress points
  • DSM V diagnosis (emphasizing the mental approach to detox treatment)
  • Small private and group settings
  • Non-narcotic holistic approach
  • Liquid supplements, organic juices
  • Customized businesses services