Pro Detox Program

The Cove Center for Recovery Professional Detox Program recognizes the need for our clients to return to their daily lives seamlessly. Our clients have:

  • Access to their laptops, mobile devices, tablets, etc.·
  • Office amenities akin to an executive hotel, including fax and copy services to allow our clients to maintain their business routines while still receiving first-class detox treatment
  • Provide transportation to and from the facility 
  • Work with each client to assist them in finding the best insurance or payment program

The Cove’s Detox Philosophy

The Cove Detox understands the demands professionals who require detox treatment face trying to juggle their job while trying to recover from addiction.  We understand professionals can’t sever all communication from their workplace and have incorporated measures to allow them to balance their careers with their recovery treatment.  This issue is compounded for a single parent/professional who too often have trouble leaving for an extended period of time.

Whatever profession are clients are working in, we ensure that their time spent with us is met dedicated to their healing in the easiest, most seamless experience, while we provide the medical component, the care and the healthy maintenance of the individual while they are with us.