University student detox

The Cove Center for Recovery University/Student Detox Program operates under the premise that allows university students to maintain their college education while getting better at the same time. The Cove understands that academic failure is one of the first signs that something is going wrong in a student’s life.

Cove’s University/Student Detox Program Features:

•    An academic program with a 6 to 1 teacher to student ratio
•    Work with teachers to send them grades in progress
•    Offer a comprehensive tutoring program
•    Credit remediation
•    An affiliation with the Florida Virtual on-line educational program

The Cove’s Detox Philosophy

The Cove Detox understands the demands university/students, who require detox treatment, face attempting to juggle their classwork while trying to recover from addiction.  We understand university/students can’t stop all communication from their academic life and have incorporated measures to allow them to balance their studies with their recovery treatment.  This issue is compounded for a university/student who also has a job to make ends meet.

Whatever level of commitment each university/student is focused on academically, we ensure that their time spent with us is met dedicated to their healing in the easiest, most seamless experience, while we provide the medical component, the care and the healthy maintenance of the individual while they are with us.