Cutting doesn’t go on forever.


The Cove consists of a team of experienced therapists that helps patients to become aware of the issues they are experiencing as well as how they can get better. We specialize in creating an individualized treatment plan specific to the needs of each patient and their issues.

What is cutting?

Using sharp objects to penetrate or scratch the skin enough to bleed is called cutting. Common areas of abuse are cutting the wrists, arms, legs or stomach. These places are common injury sights because they are easy to reach and hide.

Why do people cut?

Cutting is a form of self injury that is practiced as a coping mechanism. When patients experience distressing emotions or upsetting relationship problems to name a few they resort to cutting as a form of relieving themselves. Patients experience a sense of release or gratification from these dangerous practices.

Signs of cutting:

  • Unexplainable cuts
  • Constantly wearing pants or long sleeves in warm weather
  • Owning multiple sharp objects
  • Locking oneself in bedroom and bathroom for an extended period of time

Why get help?

Although cutting is not a sign of “suicidal” behavior it can have harmful medical implications such as cutting deep enough in their body for hospitalization. The reuse of unsanitary sharp objects to cut themselves can also lead to serious infections. Cutting can also become a compulsive behavior tricking the brain into thinking that one must cut in order to experience relief.