Our esteemed staff of doctors and clinicians prides themselves on creating a custom treatment plan for each and every patient. After assessing the patients needs and issues our team form a treatment plan that is tailored to help in making healthier choices.

What is burning?

Another harmful technique of self injury is burning which is also known as branding. This is done by using an open flame, chemicals, or friction by rubbing two objects together and touching yourself with it.

Warning signs of burning:

  • Scars or open wounds caused by burning
  • Wearing long sleeves and pants even in warm weather
  • Unstable and unpredictable behavior

Why do people burn themselves?

Burning is used as a tool to replace the feeling of being emotionally numb or overwhelmed. Those who burn allow the physical pain to take over their senses instead of focusing on the emotional problems they need to face.

Why get help?

If you leave burning untreated it can lead to the creation of a compulsive disorder. This disorder will trick the brain into thinking that burning oneself is a normal form of relief. At the Cove we understand the repercussions of leaving such a disorder untreated and through our well trained staff of doctors, clinicians and therapists will provide the help and resources necessary for a successful recovery.