Thinking man.

What is Existential Therapy?

Existential therapy or counseling is a form of therapy that focuses on the human condition as a whole. This philosophical method commends human aspirations while acknowledging their range and constraints.

How does it work?

Unlike psychological intervention which centers on challenging one’s way of thinking, feeling or behavior existential therapy is a more open-ended process. This process allows adults in addiction recovery to examine where they felt they had no choices and why they felt they were unable to access the choices available. The methods of existential therapy are often seen as self-reflection, allowing adults to evaluate what their beliefs, values and desires are.

Benefits to Existential Therapy

The benefits to this form of therapy include alleviating troublesome emotions such as remorse, apprehension and shame. As stated above those who participate in this therapy learn the skills to recognize their possibilities as well as their limits in life to make better choices. With the knowledge of making better choices these adults are also armed with the proper tools necessary to effectively communicate their choices to others.

The Cove Center for Recovery believes in helping people leave behind their destructive life style and form new habits. We offer existential therapy to help form these new habits and instill a healthier life style.