Self Injury (SI), Cutting, Self Harm

Self-harm is a problem that many people are embarrassed or ashamed to discuss. Often, individuals try to hide their self-harm behaviors and are very reluctant to seek needed psychological or even medical treatment.

Psychological Treatments

Because self-harm is often associated with other psychological problems, it tends to be treated under the umbrella of a co-occurring disorder like PTSD, substance abuse, or borderline personality disorder. There is evidence, however, suggesting more improvement when the self-harming behavior is the primary focus of treatment. A randomized controlled trial looked at the effects of adding a short Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) intervention focused on self-harm to treatment as usual in a sample of self-harmers. Treatment as usual included medications or psychotherapy not specific to self-harm. The group that received the self-harm CBT showed a significant reduction in self-harming behaviors, as compared to the group receiving only treatment as usual.

Pharmacological Treatments

It is possible that psychopharmacological treatments would be helpful in reducing self-harm behaviors, but this has not yet been rigorously studied. As yet, there is no consensus regarding whether or not psychiatric medications should be used in relation to self-harm behaviors. This is a complicated issue to study because self-harm can occur in many different populations and co-occur with many different kinds.

Most people with deep emotional pain or distress need to work with a counselor or mental health professional to sort through strong feelings, heal past hurts, and to learn better ways to cope with life’s stresses. Although cutting can be a difficult pattern to break, it is possible. Getting professional help to overcome the problem doesn’t mean that a person is weak or crazy.

The Cove Center for Recovery’s therapists and counselors are trained to help people discover inner strengths that help individuals heal. These inner strengths can then be used to cope with life’s other problems in a healthy way.

By making a conscious choice to visit the Cove Treatment Center web site page of Cutting Treatment, it is possible you or someone you love is in need of help for cutting behaviors. The Cove Center for Recovery is a Treatment Center offering a premier treatment program that can help you or your loved one. Our aim is to treat the whole person, and not just an isolated symptom. During the treatment process we will work with the client to identify the factors that may have contributed to their cutting behavior such as home, work, or relationship stressors or perhaps it is based on your medical history. We also believe that families have a vital role to play in the recovery process, and each program has a place for family participation, to educate them in the treatment process and to equip them for their role as supporters.