synthetic drugs

What are Synthetic Drugs?

Synthetic drugs are drugs that have been chemically laced with other substances such as marijuana, meth or cocaine and are usually sold over the counter in convenience stores, gas stations, or tobacco shops. The chemical makeup of synthetic drugs is usually broken up into two groups:

Cathinones: Chemically made versions of marijuana from the lab manufactured compound THC. These are also popularly known as “Spice” or “K2.”

Cannabinoids: Drugs that are made chemically and mimic other drugs such as meth and cocaine. These are also known as “Bath Salts.

Side effects of synthetic drugs

The side effects of synthetic drugs vary depending on the compounds used in its creation. Some effects include:

• Anxiety
• Seizures
• Nausea
• Kidney Failure
• Death

Why do people use synthetic drugs?

Just like any other drug there is no definite or clear reason why someone uses any type of drugs whether it is synthetic or not. Here are some reasons why synthetic drugs are abused:

• Convenience: Synthetic drugs are easily purchased through convenience stores or gas stations

• Lack of Information: Adults are often unaware of how dangerous they can be and one hit has killed many people

• Easy to hide: Through chemical makeup synthetic drugs can be created odorless which makes detecting drug abuse difficult from a loved one

Treatment for synthetic drugs

At The Cove Center for Recovery we take synthetic drug abuse seriously and provide an individualistic approach to treating those entering our esteemed recovery program. Each client receives a treatment plan based on their individual needs. This customized plan helps to target why the client is using the drug, how to stop using it and how to maintain a sober and healthy lifestyle after treatment. Our program caters to people in recovery and our qualified staff of doctors, clinicians, therapists, nurses and techs ensure that clients are getting the best treatment they deserve.