In today’s society, there has been an increase in the amount of people suffering from some form of mental illness. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in four adults suffers from a mental disorder.

From depression, all the way to anxiety more and more people are being diagnosed with a mental disorder. For those suffering from anxiety, it can be crippling. Performing everyday activities is often impossible in acute cases. Anxiety is a serious disorder that often leads people to drug abuse. The Cove strives to help those suffering from addiction as well as those who have a mental health disorder. If you struggle with anxiety here are three ways to prevent your re-occurring anxiety:


1. Surround yourself with good vibes

As a form of personal development, make it your job to surround yourself in an environment that will help alleviate your anxiety. A five-star hotel relaxing on the beach may sound like it will do the job but sadly that is not the way to go. Find the root or cause of your anxiety. Narrow it down as close as possible and fill yourself with solutions to this problem.

For example, if you have anxiety concerning your financial situation. Instead of being ruled by your worries find ways to solve them. Visit a financial expert for advice, listen or read books that  help alleviate your financial burden. Once you have found a solution that works for you be sure to continuously work at it so you can prevent yourself from getting upset about your trigger again.

do something you love

2. Do something that makes you happy!

This may seem trivial and like you are evading the problem, however, you are doing the opposite. Sometimes we get anxious over things we cannot control. For anxieties like these, it is best to fill yourself with a more positive and overwhelming emotion like happiness. So whether it’s jamming out to your favorite band, drawing, reading, writing or even watching your favorite tv show find and treat yourself to an activity that will leave you happy. The best thing about this tip is it can be done almost anywhere and at anytime!

higher power

3. Give yourself to a high power

As crazy as this may seem it’s actually a popular coping skill referred to as radical acceptance. With some practice, you too can use this and other forms of coping skills to let go of your anxieties. Where you believe in a God, the cosmic universe or see things in a logic manner – hand over your problems to something you believe is beyond you. What does this mean? Accept that what is in the past and all that matters is what you do going forward. By accepting that your worries are natural you can then let them go through various exercises such as breathing deeply, yoga or even prayer.

At this point, you have accepted that something has already happened and worrying will not help or change the situation. Instead, brace yourself for what is to come by transferring the feeling of anxiety onto something else.


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