The world of recovery is rapidly evolving. Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate. So more awareness has shed light on its effects.  The recovery profession has responded by adjusting and adapting to its widening demographic.

Here are 3 things you can expect from recovery profession in 2017:

young adult educational program (2)

1.Incorporating education

The Cove Center for Recovery is one of the few treatment centers offering an educational program. Education plays a big role in the life young adults in recovery can lead after they complete treatment. Many treatment centers are following the trend of helping young adult clients build a life outside of treatment. So they can integrate back into society. In addition, to their young adult educational program, the Cove offers job services to older adult clients.

2.Harm Reduction 

The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) has embraced harm reduction as a therapy modality. This Treatment methodology seeks to reduce the harm associated with drug use. From this idea stems a range of policies such as supervised injection facilities, syringe access, drug replacement and maintenance therapy. DPA provides a great look into the future of recovery and how things will be going forward.

recreational therapy

The Cove’s recreational fishing outing.

3.Recreational therapy and outings

Therapy has now extended itself outside the circle of individual, groups and even family. Additionally, recreational therapy takes the positives of therapy and infuses them with real-time experiences. Treatment centers also see a great increase in participation and information retention from clients participating. Taking therapy outside and into the real world helps clients to see just exactly where they are at in therapy. And how they can use what they’ve learned in everyday life or situations.

All in all, expect great changes to come in 2017 for recovery. With more awareness to this issue comes less discrimination and instead more changes to help those suffering.

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