A Message from the Clinical Director

Michael Price, RCSWI, MSW, CAP, MAC

As the clinical director of the Cove Center for Recovery adult dual diagnosis drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, I have seen lots of different types of inpatient rehabs. I have to say I am partial to the Cove naturally. One of the reasons is because it thrives in providing our clients with a transitional continuum of care. In other words, we are not a 30-day drug alcohol rehab.

The Cove Center for Recovery leads the profession in Transitional Continuum of Care

Michael Price Clinical Director

Michael Price, Clinical Director

As the industry has evolved from its infancy, professionals and agencies have seen a steady progression of improvements to transitional continuum of care in regards to substance abuse  and mental health services. The transitional continuum of care starts at the detox level and continues to Residential, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, and then the client is gradually reintegrated back into a healthy state – where he or she can function independently in society.

I have specialized in designing and implementing programs to facilitate higher success rates. As a professional in all these levels of care, it became apparent to me that when a client experiences a smooth transition through these levels of care, client’s positive outcomes increase significantly.

So what exactly is a transitional continuum care addiction treatment center?

The Cove is designed as a Transitional Continuum Care Addiction Treatment Center, by focusing on building strong Recovery Support Networks in conjunction with a highly effective rapport and engagement with the client. The most significant transition point for a client is when they graduate from inpatient to outpatient care. At that point, the client will no longer have the luxury of 24/7 support and is not constantly observed and guided through a regimented schedule. The client is then responsible to find a job, provide his or her transportation, and pay for their necessities. The transition is where the client must manage all the temptations and triggers that come with new found independence. The transition also tests the client’s ability to balance treatment (IOP or OP), work, relationships, and the program (AA or NA).

A Transitional Continuum of Care Program includes both Inpatient and Outpatient Programs. The programs are managed with a strong continuity of care through timely and consistent communication to support the client. The inpatient program intensely prepares the client through medical, clinical, case management, and vocational support prior to the client’s transition with strong follow up after the client’s transfer. The Transitional Program provides a sober living environment where the Recovery Support Network is the emphasis and is managed with Clinical and Medical oversight.

The Cove is not a factory drug and alcohol rehab

The Cove does not believe in an assembly-line approach where people in recovery enter a drug and alcohol facility for short stints like 30-days and then go on their own without a continuum of care. At the Cove, we recommend our clients stay at our residential facility for at least 60-days and up to 90-days. Clients are then recommended to transfer into a six to eight week Transitional Housing Intensive Outpatient Program with a gradual transition into a six to eight week Outpatient Program.

The Cove’s Transitional Continuum of Care Program includes Residential Treatment, Transitional Programs, and a Sober Living Environment. Our Holistic Approach encompasses intense trauma therapy, physical wellness, a family healing work, Music and Arts Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Transitional Treatment includes a daily re-evaluation of the client, clinically and medically. The recommendation for treatment for 30 to 60 days of inpatient care is a decision that is determined by clinical and medical teams based on professional experience and education. The primary strength of our Transitional Continuum of Care Program is that the recommendations are made  proactively rather than reactionary in both our Inpatient and Outpatient Programs.

So when it comes time to choosing a dual diagnosis drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, don’t get fooled by the gimmicky quick fix outfits with false promises of recovery in 30-days. Your decision should be simple. If you are considering a drug and alcohol rehab without a transitional continuum of care, then they and you are not serious about your recovery and after about 30 days, you will be left right where you started in the first place.