In recognition of Alcohol Awareness Month, the Cove Center for Recovery will be sharing helpful tips and information about alcohol abuse all month long. Often times, alcoholism is not properly treated as a serious disease. Here are 5 common myths about alcoholism.

1. Recreational drinking is harmless

Due to today’s recreational culture, society heavily supports drinking culture. Whether you are at a party, social gathering or at home with friends, it is commonly acceptable to drink wine, beer or other hard liquors to have fun. For alcoholics, however, recreational drinking may be very dangerous and should not be taken lightly. Recreational drinking can lead to serious relapse for alcoholics.

2. If you can work, you are not an alcoholic

Often times, people stereotype alcoholics as lazy or “rough around the edges.” This is not always the case. In fact, most people struggling with alcoholism are known to be “functioning alcoholics.” Functioning alcoholics are those who depend on drinking but are able to go to work, go to school and live a relatively normal life. It is important to check in with your family members and loved ones whose life may seem normal but drinking problem is spiraling out of control.

3. Willpower can stop alcohol abuse

While some people may be able to overcome alcohol addiction on their own, others need treatment. In addition to AA meetings, alcoholics should seek substance abuse treatment and counseling to beat their addiction.

4. The cause of alcoholism is only alcohol

Those who struggle with alcohol addiction may be dealing with other issues as well. A common reason for alcohol abuse disorder is dual diagnosis. Many times, people struggling with mental health disorders like depression or bipolar disorder may also abuse alcohol and drugs to cope. Other times, a person may abuse alcohol due to a family history of alcoholism, their age and their social environment.

5. It is impossible to get sober

Struggling with alcohol addiction may leave one feeling hopeless, but sobriety is possible! With effective treatment and the support of others, you can beat alcohol addiction today!

The Cove Center provides effective drug & alcohol rehabilitation programs to those who are struggling with the problems associated with drug and/or alcohol addiction in a safe, caring environment. If you or a loved one need help to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction, please call (855) – 857 – 2734. No one deserves to fight addiction alone.

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