Approximately 14.8 million Americans suffer from depression

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If you are suffering from depression here are five ways to conquer it:

1. Become active

Exercise is one the best ways you can naturally counter depression. By working out – your body produces endorphins – also known as the feel good chemicals. These chemicals when released into the brain create happy or calming feelings.

Endorphins are natural chemicals that are the closest thing an addict can get to experiencing a high without resorting to drugs or alcohol. Weightlifting, running, swimming, or even walking are great exercises that will help you relax your muscles, release your tension and ultimately reduce your anxiety.

2. Express your emotions

Whether you are writing or verbally expressing your emotions these are both great ways to overcome depression. Whatever method you choose will help alleviate the effects of depression. Expressing yourself relieves your mind from over thinking and helps you clarify how you actually feel.

3. Do something you like or are good at

When depression takes a hold on you, it may make you feel like not doing anything or going anywhere. When you feel the urge to retreat into yourself take some time to do the things you like or are good at. You won’t believe how much this will improve your overall mood and outlook on life.

Why not try to consistently schedule time for doing things you enjoy even if you don’t feel like it? By participating in activities that you are good at will also help to ease your feelings of worthlessness and depression over time.

4. Identify what it is you truly need

A lot of times depressive thoughts may say one thing, but actually mean something else. It’s important for you to identify what kind of depressive feelings are circulating through your brain and why. Being able to understand what is on your mind will help you find solutions that will best fit your particular depression.

For example, you may begin to feel stuck in depression and nothing seems to be resolving itself on its own. Don’t expect time to be your savior. It won’t heal the triggers that are setting off your depression. This is when you need to seek medical help. Your primary care doctor is a good place to start. The doctor can point you in the proper direction to help you find the right therapist to begin treatment.

You can’t expect to truly identify what you need on your own. A trained professional who treats people suffering from depression every day is far more equipped to find out what is missing in your life and what coping skills you can use to ease your mental anguish.

5. Don’t beat yourself up

Many people who suffer from depression tend to be their worst enemy and become angry or upset with themselves for being the way they are and feeling the way they do. They often desperately wish they could change and be different. These negative thoughts worsen the depression and makes it harder to overcome the accompanying sad feelings.

It is important to learn how to forgive yourself. When you accept who you are, you are giving yourself a fighting chance to tackle the depression head on. But once again, you will still need to seek alternative methods like therapy to help you learn to live with your mental health condition.

The Cove Center for Recovery is a dual diagnosis behavioral health center that treats not only drug and alcohol addiction, but co-existing disorders like depression. In fact, some people enter the program strictly for mental health necessity. Contact the Cove if you suffer from depression and a treatment consultant will start the process of taking your life back from the grips of depression.

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