Many of us have wondered why our loved ones or someone we know would give up their free will to something as destructive as drugs and alcohol. Understanding the grip and logic drug abuse has on a person is a very difficult concept for many friends and family to come to terms with.

Here are 6 reasons why people abuse drugs and alcohol:

1. They try to ease their suffering from some type of mental disorder such as anxiety, bipolar disorder or depression

Mental illness is a huge burden for many people. This is often why they often turn to drugs and alcohol to seek relief. Many people are willing to do whatever it takes to escape their constant struggle and pain. Drug abuse allows those suffering to escape from the shackles of their disorder making them feel normal or relaxed. Instead of relying on others or even seeking professional help many choose to escape through destructive habits.

2. My friends do drugs so why can’t I?

Many people who begin their affair with drug and alcohol abuse do so because they view it as a harmless activity. This train of thought is more prevalent in teens and young adults. They have become immune to the dangers after seeing their peers use drugs frivolously. Some go as far as to blame those living an addictive lifestyle as the reason they have started abusing drugs and alcohol.

3. To release stress

Everyone has felt the burden of life and has had to deal with stress. Although most of the people in today’s society relieve stress through healthy or productive means others choose to turn to drugs. Drugs alter the mind chemically to provide an escape or sense of relaxation. This feeling of euphoria becomes their primary mode of stress relief which can lead to some serious if not dire side effects.

4. They become unintentionally hooked from a prescribed drug

Those experiencing injuries or medical conditions that require opiates to manage their pain can easily become dependent on the prescriptions designed to make them feel better. Some rationalize their need to use prescription pain medication despite the fact that their pain has subsided.

5. Using drugs to deal with past trauma

People who have experienced trauma mostly in their childhood often use in order to escape their painful memories. These lingering emotions continue to haunt them even into adulthood causing them to seek refuge in any way they can. For people dealing with trauma talking to a therapist is the best course of action to resolve these issues. Continuous drug abuse tends to only deepen one’s trauma.

6. To fit in

No one wants to feel left out or like an outcast. As a society we do many things to feel normal and apart from the masses. During the teenage and young adult years many people develop a substance abuse disorder by using drugs or alcohol during social occasions.

Whatever their reasoning for using people with substance abuse disorders should seek treatment to break free from this toxic lifestyle. Substance abuse is a serious disorder that needs around the clock care. The road to recovery for an addict is a very hard one. With the help and understanding of loved ones and professional treatment they can stand to live a prosperous and healthy life.

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