With addiction behind you, it is always best to strive for new and positive recovery habits. These are often difficult to achieve and can discourage those beginning recovery for the first time. Whether you are new to recovery or just have been unsuccessful on creating new habits for yourself the Cove Center for Recovery is is here to help! Here are recovery habits that are very useful:

create a plan for recovery habits

1.Create a plan

When looking to create new recovery habits your first step is to organize a plan of how these new habits can be met. Try to be realistic and anticipate potential roadblocks impeding your goal of sobriety. Also, don’t plan for an unachievable goal. Start small and plan how to steadily improve.

2.Have accountability

Whether it is a friend or family member have someone keep account of your actions. This designated person should be making sure you are fulfilling your goal and giving you support when necessary. Having more than one person hold you accountable is another great way to make sure you keep on track.

3.Keep decisions to a minimum

When reinforcing a new habit it is best to keep your decisions to a minimum. For example, if your new habit is to be more active or healthy. Then this can be achieved in a multitude of ways. So stick to a few options of working out like just running. Stick to a minimum of decisions to avoid backsliding on your new habit.

4.Recognize where you need change

An important aspect of forming a new habit is recognizing the flaws in your established habits. In order to make a change, you must know your faults and weaknesses so you can plan around them. This means if you know procrastination is something you struggle with you can plan accordingly to ensure your goal is met no matter what or how much you procrastinate.

5.Figure out your obstacles

Once you have obtained insight on the habits you need to change you must now predict obstacles that may pose a threat to your new recovery habits. Be aware of all obstacles from those natural to man-made.

routine with new and positive habits

An example of a routine.

6.Create a routine

Now that you have all the necessary information you can create a routine to ensure you form new and positive habits. This routine should become secondary in nature and can be done under any circumstance. Your routine should consist of assessments whether daily, weekly or bi-weekly. These assessments should also be confirmed by a person you’ve designated accountable for your actions.

7.Reward yourself

To keep you motivated and habits on track finding ways to reward yourself is another vitally important step. While friends and family can motivate you the best source of motivation stems from rewards! Set up a nice payoff system to yourself whenever you stick to your routine. This encourages more good behavior and reinforces your choices as a positive one.

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