Substance abuse recovery is no easy feat to overcome. Many compare it to being in a life-long marathon. And this marathon constantly tests you, seeing if you are able to adapt. This sobriety journey is one that takes complete dedication and understanding. Without these skills, frequent relapses are sure to follow causing you to lead a life dictated by your addiction.

Just like a marathon substance abuse recovery can be achieved through practice and endurance. Similarly, with a little preparation, you can significantly improve your substance abuse recovery.

7 tips that can improve your substance abuse recovery:

1.Understanding addiction is a disease

Addiction is a disease within the brain. Just like any other disease, there are treatment and solutions that can provide you with help.

2.Do your researchsubstance abuse recovery honest

Research is a vital part of having a successful and long-term recovery. From your addiction treatment to rehab center everything must be fully researched. Addiction is a very complex disorder, in order to gain a better understanding of how you can be successful in recovery you must research your symptoms, signs, and any other vital information to help you be aware of what is to come.

3.Attend and participate in your local recovery community

The idea of putting yourself out there might seem terrifying but meeting others in the recovery community can do wonders. Showing up is only half the work participating is how you utilize the most from this community. Here people are able to offer advice, insight or can refer you to resources you may need. These are people who have been where you were and understand. They want nothing more than to help in any way they can without providing judgment.

4.Choose an environment that supports your substance abuse recovery

Many who decide to become sober rarely think about how things will be when they return. While it is definitely possible to return home and continue being successful in recovery for many it turns into a cycle of relapse. With this in mind, it is a good idea to choose an environment that will support your recovery. Whether that is at home or a sober living facility be sure to choose a place that will help keep you safe and sober.

5.Take responsibility for your own recovery

A key part of recovery is accepting responsibility. Once on this journey, everything that happens will be a choice you make. Make decisions that will only help or impact your recovery positively. Everything will be a direct response to how to handle various and sometimes stressful situations in life.

6.Be honesthonesty substance abuse recovery

Honesty is the best policy to yourself and also to others. There will be situations that arise where you can choose to succumb to peer pressures and for that, you must be prepared. Be honest in your capabilities and situations. Addiction is a disease and one that wields a tremendous amount of power. There is no such thing as a harmless drink, one for the road, or even being around others using and not participating. In situations like these be honest about your intentions and firm in your beliefs. This is not their choice to make for you and nothing should come between you and your recovery.

7.Understand how relapse works

We are all human and prone to mistakes. Life is not as black and white as we want it to be and often times temptations or old habits blur our thinking. Relapse is a natural part of recovery and can happen to anyone at any time. Whether you are new to recovery or sober for decades relapse can still happen. When it does go to your recovery plan to immediately get back on track.

Recovery is a journey that requires long-term commitment and by following these 7 tips, you could be on the path to recovery.

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