I have a 19 year old son who was struggling with drug abuse for approximately three years. He started smoking marijuana when he was 16 years old. When he was 18 years old, he started taking Oxycodone. Eventually, I found out he was taking Roxycodone (Roxies) too. He wasn’t going to classes, which resulted in him dropping out of college. He started arguing with me when I tried to talk with him, redirect him, or offer help. I couldn’t help him see that he was destroying his future.

Things became so bad that every day I waited for the phone call that would tell me my son was in jail or dead. My heart was breaking. I couldn’t stop thinking about the great times we had when he was a little boy. He was always cooperative and even tempered. He laughed all the time. He was always very affectionate. I know it can be painful when children grow up and begin to have their own life and need less support from parents. However, I did not expect this kind of pain and helplessness that I was enduring. I would look at him and know he was my son, but it seemed as if he was someone else. I wanted my son back. I wanted him back for me, our family, and for him.

I called the Cove Center For Recovery, looking for answers and direction. The Cove helped me from the very first phone call. The owner, Chris Walsh, helped me plan and complete an Intervention, which led to my son agreeing to go to their residential treatment program. The Clinical Director and the therapists created a treatment plan, specifically to meet the needs of my son. The staff was nurturing and supportive, but direct and firm in the day-to-day struggles of the beginning stages of recovery. He completed 90 days in the Cove Center For Recovery. During that time, I began to see my son, the little boy I raised, know and love, return to me and our family. He began to look like himself again. He sounded like himself again.

Now, my son is attending college and working hard towards achieving his goals. We have quality time together as a family. At the Cove, he learned coping skills and developed a foundation to help him live his life, without prescription drugs or any substances. The Cove Center For Recovery brought my son back to me and our family. I am forever grateful.

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