Alumni Program

The Cove Center for Recovery Alumni Program is to assist and support the addiction recovery of our clients. We believe it’s our duty to help facilitate continued recovery once our clients are discharged from our facility. It is well documented that the path to recovery is hardest when addicts go out in “the real world”. In response to this trend, we have created a system that helps graduate clients with both the advocacy and support that they need as they return to their respective lifestyles.

Providing support and after-care to clients after rehab is a vital part of our leading addiction rehab program. Because too many centers end their relationship upon discharge. Since we think of our clients as family we want to maintain our relationship. Therefore, we have created the alumni program to stay in contact long after they’ve left our facility.

Alumni Involvement is Crucial to the Recovery Process

Being part of a community of people in recovery makes it easier to maintain sobriety. Learning and socializing with others who have “been there” is a crucial part of addiction recovery. Our alumni program is an important step after treatment that helps our clients learn how to use their newfound recovery tools to reintegrate into everyday life.

How the Alumni Program Keeps Clients Connected

Social Media

The people of today are a very digital generation. To meet their needs we extended our alumni program into social media. Our social media spans a wide range of sites and applications. Stay in touch through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Google Plus and even Tumblr accounts. You can also see what our current clients, blogs and tips on Instagram @covecenter

Bi-Monthly Newsletter

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Sharing your story

An important part of recovery is giving back. We offer all alumni the chance to share their stories with addicts and their families to see. Submit your story and a photo to our team to be shared on our website and social media.


Someone to talk to

If you are a former client and find yourself in need of help or a shoulder to lean on please call our hotline for help. Call 855-248-4393.