A Few Highlights of the Cove Facility:


Our personal adult addiction treatment facility (20-bed), gender-specific, structured setting provides an effective and proven program designed to provide life-long positive results for those who enroll at the Cove.

  • Program allows for continuous, individual attention
  • Intensive therapy provided by in-house, licensed therapists who meet on a weekly basis with key care takers and family-members
  • Our therapists work closely with parents/guardians, to prepare for clients return, as he or she enters the Non-punitive PPC (Positive Peer Culture) environment to produce long term, positive change
  • Program enrollees can receive accredited high school credits
  • The program emphasizes a wide-array of extracurricular activities including day trips to the beach, professional sports events, museums, movies, and much, much more
  • After-care program established to assist with healthy transition to “home life”