Frequently Asked Questions

If the following list does not answer your questions, please contact our treatment experts at the Cove Center for Recovery by calling 1-888-757-6257 or filling out the form below.

Q: How many meals are served at the Cove?

A: We serve three nutritious meals at the Cove each day.

Q: Do you have laundry service?

A: Yes we do.

Q: How many days will I be in rehab?

A: Your stay at the Cove Center for Recovery addiction treatment center will based on your medical need. Our program’s discharge rate ranges from 30 – 90 days but we have had patients stay longer. We recommend at least 90 days. Our goal is to help you overcome your addiction and be ready to live a new sober life however long it takes.

Q: Should I travel or stay close to home when deciding on a drug rehab?

A: Many of our clients seek treatment away from home as it removes them from the destructive environment where they are constantly driven to abuse drugs and alcohol. Being away from home allows our clients to fully focus on their rehabilitation free from outside distractions and temptations.

We have also had clients who live close by and have successfully completed treatment and are remaining sober. The importance of this decision lies with each individual, their situation and the type of rehab they are seeking for a friend or loved one. Addiction treatment centers such as the Cove that offers a variety of therapies and levels of care are made to help all clients whether nearby or far away.

Q: What happens in rehab?

A: Rehab is a structured treatment program dedicated to help those who suffer from addiction. At the Cove Center for Recovery we help our clients overcome their addiction through dual diagnosis treatment. Clients receive daily therapy for their drug or alcohol addiction along with their mental disorder such as depression and anxiety. Along with therapy we provide sober fun outings to get clients accustomed to living life after treatment.

Q: Where will I be staying?

A: The Cove Center for Recovery client residence offers apartment styled living for its clients. These apartments come with a bedroom area suited for single stay as well as for roommates, a fully functional kitchen, and a flat screen tv within the common area.

Q: Do we always stay at the treatment center and residence?

A: No, we don’t view seeking treatment as a punishment and offer a range of sober fun outings and activities. These are supervised events we take clients to get themselves acquainted with living a sober lifestyle. Some of our activities include beach trips, gym sessions, pottery classes, deep sea fishing, recovery concerts, extreme kart racing and even grocery shopping.