Steve Cunane

Intake and Admissions Coordinator

Steve Cunane is one of the Cove’s longest-serving staff members. He began at the Cove as an intern and has worked himself up to serve in many capacities including his current position as Intake and Admissions Coordinator where he oversees the Cove’s daily administrative duties. Steve brought his leadership expertise to The Cove seven years ago after reinventing himself and going from building 50-story high-rise buildings to leading classes, 12-step meetings and assisting/facilitating Cove clinical programs.

Steve says, “The biggest satisfactions I’ve gained from living clean and changing my life and career are expanding my spirituality and emotional intelligence.” Steve is currently studying at Springfield College and is about to attain his Certified Addiction Professional (CAP) certification. Steve’s superior work ethic has also led him to serve in many human service capacities outside The Cove as well, where he still does public speaking in the community, conducts group therapy sessions and shares his experience of strength and hope for everyone.

“I communicate and relate to the struggles and triumphs facing those of us overcoming these (addiction) challenges,” he says. “We all want to achieve lasting fulfillment, and helping others keeps us going strong.” Just as joyful, fulfilling and life-affirming, Steve is also a proud new grandfather!