Young Adult Addiction Treatment Education

The Cove Center for Recovery young adult addiction treatment center understands that those in recovery often get behind or even drop-out of school. This in turn threatens their opportunity for a bright future, which is precisely why the Cove offers a robust young adult educational program.

Young Adults in School have better chance of Recovery

We also understand that when a person in treatment falls behind in their studies. Or worse yet drops out, it more than likely will have a negative impact on their recovery as well as their career. The Cove has found that young adults engaged in education have a far better chance of attaining sobriety than those who have forfeited their chance to excel academically.

For the young adults who come to the Cove seeking a sober life we can help you. We can also support your ambition to continue or pursue an academic program. The Cove’s young adult addiction treatment education program offers select options guaranteeing our clients maintain their studies while they are working on their recovery. And most importantly the educational program is self-paced in order to prevent any additional stressors and triggers.

What is the Young Adult Addiction Treatment Academic Program?

The Cove gives young adult clients with co-existing substance abuse and mental health disorders the chance to start over and pursue an education. Fortunately for some, they can transfer credits they received at previous academic institutions. Through our young adult addiction treatment educational program, many clients have the opportunity to build a better life by realizing their dreams and passions with education.

The Young Adult Addiction Treatment Educational Program offers the following services:

College Prep – We offer help with filling out college applications, academic advisement, and planning.

General Educational Development (GED) Prep – Assessment and preparations will be given to those studying for the official GED exam. We provide GED evaluations, classes, consult and also transport those taking the Sheridan Technical College GED test at the facility.

Florida Virtual School – The Cove has an affiliation with Florida Virtual Schools (FLVS), an online school with access to more than 150 courses from Algebra to AP Art History and everything in between. The FLVS courses are accredited just like the certified teachers who teach them. The bottom line is this virtual online program helps aspiring students earn credits towards a high school diploma.

High School Diploma/ Alternative School – The Cove works in partnership with the Department of Education to provide clients with help to complete high school and receive their diploma or to simply begin classes at a local alternative school.

The Cove’s educational program has helped many young adults create a healthier and better life once outside of treatment. Additionally, our young adult educational rehab program shows our clients it is never too late to further your education. And pursue your dreams even during drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

For more information on our forward thinking educational program please contact:

Michael Price
Cove Center for Recovery
Clinical Director