Adam just recently turned eighteen and began treatment at our adult treatment center the Cove Center for Recovery. Before being admitted here Adam was actually a client of our teen rehab program at Inspirations for Youth and Families. During his teen years Adam began abusing drugs and was eventually court ordered to attend our teen drug rehab program.

Unfortunately, he was unable to complete our youth program and continued to live a life of turmoil with drugs and addiction. After a series of life changing events he decided to give rehab another try. Adam shares what he loves about being our addiction program.

“The Cove is really great! The teachers and outings are very nice. Even the techs are cool! It is really a good place to go for treatment.” – Adam

Adam chose the Cove to receive his addiction treatment after remembering the great care and support he was provided at Inspirations. Although he did not finish the teen program he remembered the individualized care he received and hoped to get the same from our adult drug treatment center.

Since being clean Adam hopes to attend college within the year to become a rehabilitation nurse. By getting this degree he hopes to give back to those in addiction and help them the way he was helped.

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