Why is Adderall THE drug of choice for many teenagers and young adults? The answer is simple:  human conditioning. Society is conditioning us to move more quickly, multitask, and to perform at a rate that has left many with anxiety disorders, focus disorders, and a declining state of mental and physical health. Although teenagers are being conditioned to over-perform and multitask with little concentration on a single act or behavior, they are conversely and increasingly being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, as a result of the difficulty or inability to perform at a standard pace, manage behavior, and concentrate on a single task.  It is a contradiction in performance and it’s very difficult to overcome.

Teenagers have discovered that using Adderall prior to an exam reduces the need to complete assignments and memorize material timely and throughout the semester. Some teens call this “cram and dump”.  The idea is to take a dose of Adderall and cram as much information as necessary to pass the exam. Then, the teen “dumps” all of this information because they didn’t truly learn and comprehend it. Moreover, the dispensing of Adderall has created a financial resource for teenagers. A teenager can easily sell Adderall to other students on any given school day. Are we creating drug dealers by over diagnosing and over prescribing Adderall? Are we creating drug users and abusers? Are we reducing our children’s ability to develop memorization skills and problem solving skills?

Our society is experiencing an imposed and expected rate of individual performance and productivity through multiple communication devices and services (mobile telephones, , computers, laptops, ipads, note pads, email, instant messaging, chats,  snap chat, Linked in, Face Book, Twitter, video gaming, and other social media resources). There are too many gadgets and widgets and we can barely keep up!

What happens when we have to be still? What happens when students are required to take an exam and shut off all devices? Have you been to a movie lately? Movie goers are talking on their mobile phones and others are texting as the movie screen directs the audience to adhere to the “no cell phone use” policy. I’m beginning to think the movie policy is impossible as our conditioning is so pervasive that the impulse to multitask during a movie is overwhelming. Adderall has become a drug of choice for teenagers due to the over diagnosing, over prescribing, testing benefits, and the financial benefits Adderall provides, all of which has led to a conditioned state of adolescent ADHD.


Contributed by Guest Blogger Karen Corcoran Walsh

Karen Corcoran Walsh is a renowned South Florida substance abuse treatment professional and owner/co-founder of the Cove Center for Recovery and Inspirations for Youth and Families. She is considered an expert on teen addiction and addiction therapy. Her acclaim led to an appearance on Dr. Phil’s TV show in 2010 – speaking on the topic of substance abuse and addiction. She holds a Master of Science degree from the School of Marriage and Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University. Karen is a member in good standing with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) and the American Psychotherapy Association (APA). She is also an active member in the Boca Raton, Florida Chambers of Commerce.

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