Daniel Tantleff went from being the mayor of Bal Harbor to losing everything because of his crack cocaine addiction.

Daniel remembers reaching his lowest point in 2015, not long before coming to The Cove For Recovery.

“By 2015, I was doing drugs night and day. I dropped off the planet and didn’t see my three kids who lived 10 minutes from me for eight months. I was too busy smoking crack, taking pills and drinking alcohol every day.” Daniel said.

Watch Daniel Share How The Cove Saved His Life

Today, Daniel is proud to have celebrated more than two years of sobriety. He often returns to The Cove to spread a message of hope and share how treatment helped him beat his crack cocaine addiction.

“I came to The Cove as a completely broken man and didn’t want to continue with this life,” he said. “The Cove Center For Recovery rescued me.”

Through effective therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, and exciting outings, Daniel received the help that he needed to get his life back on track.

I’ve been to two other treatment facilities in my life and I didn’t feel that feeling of warmth and caring,” the former client said. “At the Cove, they really wanted to make a difference in my life. I can’t thank the people enough for really caring.”

Memorable Therapy Sessions and Outings Helped Beat Crack Addiction

“When I entered treatment, I had splintered or destroyed every relationship in my life. The therapist assigned to me took time every week to call my wife.” Daniel shared.

Through family therapy sessions, Daniel had noticed a drastic change in his family relationships.

“By going into some deep issues that bothered me for a long time, these relationships have been put back together again,” he said. “I believe it was because of the time spent together in family therapy at The Cove.”

Along with the impactful therapy sessions, Daniel said he found that the fun outings were also a special part of his stay because it differed from his experience at other treatment facilities.

“We weren’t treated like caged animals,” Daniel said. “I think having some fun is a very important part of recovery. The outings really created a family of patients with the same goal of getting healthy.”

Daniel said he would gladly recommend The Cove to people who are battling drug or alcohol addiction.

 “I can tell you The Cove is head and shoulders above any other treatment facility,” Daniel said. 

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