I was always in programs in the Boston area and I’d always go straight home from the treatment centers. I never changed my surroundings. I’d always be hanging out with the same friends who were using and I would relapse right when I got back. This time I came down to Florida where I don’t know anybody. I’ve changed my whole surroundings and now I’m going to a halfway house. I’m going to get treatment and I’m going to be down here. I’m going to try to change my life.

– Alec

The journey through addiction treatment and recovery is rarely a smooth road.  The fictional Hollywood stereotype of someone going “cold turkey” and suddenly not using or needing their drug of choice anymore is highly unrealistic. Some people might be able to quit suddenly, but most addicts will need drug treatment to be able to stop using. When choosing a drug treatment facility, many people wish to remain in their home state. Although it may be more convenient to stay in your home state, there are many benefits to going to rehab in a different state.

One of the main benefits of going to rehab in a different state is that there will be less distractions from friends and family members. If you have a drinking or drugging problem, it’s more than likely that your friends have the same issue. By removing yourself from the situation temporarily, you will be able to see your addiction issues more clearly. Going to an out of state rehab will help you to break ties with people who are not on the path to recovery. It’s good to cut these people out of your life now, before they can negatively impact your sobriety. Different therapies offered at your addiction treatment facility will help you learn how to make new, healthy friendships based on your morals and values – not a shared love for a certain substance.

Another benefit of going to rehab out of state is that you will be able to retain your privacy. No one will recognize you! If you choose an in-state rehab, you run the risk of someone recognizing you at the facility or once you leave. Although your treatment and medical history is confidential, you can’t stop outsiders from discussing your personal business. You must treat your addiction issues honestly, but you don’t have to work through your problems in the public eye. Do yourself a favor and choose a rehab facility that’s out of state so you can avoid all of these potential issues.

Are you ready to start you life over? Are you leaving your drug or alcohol using ways in the past? Do you want a fresh start? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we highly recommend going to an out of state rehab facility. By going out of state, you can start anew in a different place where no one knows who you are. Instead of going back home after rehab, you can choose to stay in your new community or move to another one. Moving is the easiest way to cut ties with any toxic individuals in your past.

There are many important factors to consider when choosing the right rehab for yourself or your loved one. We created this free e-book to help you with this difficult decision. Click here to download it.

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