Dimethyltryptamine is a hallucinogenic drug which has limited use in the USA. However, this drug has been synthesized and can present a danger in the future if it becomes more popular. Nicknames include the businessman’s trip, fantasia, or DMT. The drug is naturally found in the human body and in some plants and seeds. Dimethyltryptamine is typically smoked, snorted, or injected because it has no effect if taken orally and on its own.

Amazonians created the hallucinogenic DMT tea (called ayahuasca) by brewing the ayahuasca vine and a shrub which contains DMT. The shrub contains an enzyme which allows the DMT to pass through the stomach without being broken down, thus giving the drinker a “trip”. DMT has not been studied as much as other hallucinogens (like LSD and mushrooms) but the affects are very similar.

LSD and psychedelic mushrooms produce an intoxicated state and they are widely available. However, DMT is barely known outside of scientific circles and the local areas it is often used. This study conducted by the British Journal of Pharmacology described some of the effects exhibited by the lab rats and mice when given doses of DMT. The scientists noticed that the lab rats exhibited small movements (such as grooming, sniffing, mild tremors, abdominal contractions, and rapid swimming movements) between periods of immobility which lasted for about 2 hours.

DMT has been proven to be a very powerful hallucinogen.  The Global Information Network reports that DMT was first being synthesized in 1931 and scientists discovered that it’s found naturally in plants in 1946. DMT can produce a powerful trip within seconds and the trip can last up to an hour. Although the chemicals in DMT are naturally occurring in people and plants, the hallucinogenic effects can provide the user with either a pleasant or traumatic trip, while also giving the user a sense of transcendence and euphoria.

Dimethyltryptamine is not addictive like cocaine or heroin, meaning it does not cause a person to compulsively seek the drug. However, a user can build up a tolerance to the drug if it’s used consistently over time. DMT is relatively unpopular, meaning that many people are not aware of its affects on the human body. The long term effects of using DMT have not been studied.

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