Another violation of the Substance Abuse Policy in the NFL

Josh Gordon has been suspended without pay for at least one year for violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy, according to ESPN Sport Center reports. Recent news states that Josh Gordon tested positive for alcohol in January 2015. He has had prior issues with addiction in the NFL.

In 2013 Josh Gordon was suspended from the NFL for drug use issues. Again in 2014 he was suspended for drug use issues. Also in 2014, Josh Gordon was charged with a DWI. Some are questioning the NFL’s hard-line approach with the issues of drug abuse, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction. Contrary to prior years when sports celebrities were openly drinking and drugging during their season, the landscape of amateur and professional sports players is changing to reflect a serious attitude and zero tolerance for violation of the NFL guidelines on drug and alcohol use and abuse.

It has been reported that Josh Gordon is entering a substance abuse treatment facility. As a nation that typically supports the underdog and the struggling, it is possible that the addiction treatment professionals and recovering community as well as Josh Gordon and NFL fans, will be looking forward to seeing him successfully complete his substance abuse treatment and remain in recovery.

It would be a welcome change to read and hear reports of Josh’s substance abuse treatment plan or approach and not just his struggles and the negativity that has been previously reported. Many addiction treatment providers would suggest that Josh participate in an appropriate substance abuse assessment, a relapse prevention program, NA or AA meetings, and substance abuse and addiction prevention education classes, along with a focused primary treatment modality that will address the issues that are surrounding Josh Gordon’s chronic addiction and relapse issues.

Whether the NFL is looking to protect their investment in players, reduce liability and players injures, or protect the physical and mental safety of their players, the NFL’s hard-line approach is a welcome change and a necessary shift to protect the substance abuser, the other players, and improve the image of the NFL and their players who are adhering to the Substance Abuse Policy.