The connection between addiction and chiropractic care is one that is on the cusp of a break through. Many may be skeptical of how helpful this can be to those in addiction treatment but chiropractic treatment has many healing benefits especially for those in recovery.


For those suffering from the side effects of their drug abuse chiropractic treatments are ideal. By undergoing certain adjustments the body automatically helps itself to recover. These adjustments locate subluxations which are misalignments within the body that causes many frequent health problems.


How do we use chiropractic treatments?


Our chiropractic treatment has shown to increase the well being of our clients within 3-4 weeks. By locating and diagnosing the subluxation we are able to help reduce withdrawal symptoms as well as anxiety and depression.


By correcting this misalignment through chiropractic care many other underlying side-effects often become resolved. Many clients also rave about how much more comfortable they feel since receiving treatment.


“I definitely feel a change in my body since trying the chiropractor. I don’t feel as wound up or anxious. Even my cravings have done down!” – Alexa, Cove client


According to our onsite chiropractor Dr.Zipp receiving chiropractic care also helps recovering addicts by naturally restoring the energy provided through our nerves. Through chiropractic care the energy from our nerves help to flush the body of toxins that may be lingering from drug abuse.


“We work with your entire body from the nerves in your neck into your brain to promote natural and positive changes. I always try to get my patients to function as close as possible to 100%” – Dr. Zipp


At the Cove, we believe in helping our clients to recover by any means necessary. Our comprehensive dual diagnosis drug and alcohol treatment center welcomes chiropractic treatments along with many others as an option of alternative therapy or care to our clients.

Check out Dr.Zipp in action:

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